Inside the Nest

My name is B.R. Banos. Briana Rachelle Banos.

I am a writer. Mermaid. Vagabond. Penguin lover. Chaser of dreams. Breakfast eater. Stuffed animal hoarder. Comic crusher. Midday napper. Bath taker. Heavy lifter. Dancing Queen. Tea drinker. Sweet-toothed baker. Charity-musketeer. Headphone swinger. Book smeller. Naïve heart. Crusader of crafts. ITSAN supporter.

But mostly, I am growing.

Who’s with me? xxx

“All human beings are also dream beings.. Dreaming ties all mankind together..”Jack Kerouac

Love, B. R. Banos


4 thoughts on “Inside the Nest

  1. would love to talk with you if possible. am an older woman who has been and is going through rss/tsw. my last coating of topical steroid was around november 18, 2015. if you would like to talk with me, my phone number is 423-968-7141. we live in bristol tennessee. i appreciate the work that you are doing.
    your friend,
    jennifer leagan


  2. Briana,

    Recently came to realize that my “severe eczema” was caused by topical steroids. I am now two months into my withdrawal. It has been hell, and my life has been turned upside down. I’ve watched some of your videos and explored the forums on ITSAN, but at this point I’m feeling overwhelmed. Would I be able to ask you questions over an email?

    Nicole Blake


    1. Hi Nicole, I am so sorry to hear this. I have been very busy at the moment in my own personal life and with the documentary I have been shooting for our condition. The best place to find quick and responsive support is the groups on FB 🙂 check out ITSAN’s group on Facebook as well as the larger group, Red Skin Syndrome 🙂


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