Bird Scribble

Sing it with Me

I got bored and decided to make a song about myself. How vain.
However, it’s to the tune of ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast.
(It’s been stuck in my head.)
You should make one too!
(Sing it with me!!)
“B. R. Wren, B.R. Wren
Was a bathroom way back when
Kick ball changing, coupon saving,
Counts to 8 and not to 10
Penguins clap
Fingers snap
Scuffs her shoes, now she can tap!
See her writing
It’s fantastic
Don’t think so? But it’s scholastic!
She can dance, and she can twirl
Her plots send you on a whirl
Going to climb and kick until she breaks her hipsssssssss!
Spiderman will laugh and cry
But she will dry his eyes
She’s B.R. Wren, B.R. Wren, B.R. Wren!”
bathroom = my maiden name (Banos with a squiggle line... laugh it up)
 Love, B.R. Wren

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