Listen Up

The Apocalypse

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

To preface, I have not been home during Thanksgiving for two years. For those past two years, I have been stuck at sea working aboard a cruiseship.

When I knew I was going to spend Thanksgiving on land this year, I was so thankful it would be spent at my grandmother’s house where many of my mother’s family comes together. I always remembered us hanging out in the kitchen, snacking on appetizers, and getting caught up on each other’s lives.

This year, I was slightly disappointed.

Already hating that this self-absorbed day known as ‘Black Friday’ has poured into Thanksgiving, I was struck with awe that it would actually effect my family.

As my husband and I pulled into my grandmother’s driveway, we made our way to the door. As we opened it, I was expecting a roar of noise. I was expecting my mother’s face as well as many other aunts and uncles.

Conversely, I was only met with my grandmother’s.

Instead of spending time with my grandmother, my mother (along with my step-father, two uncles, and two aunts) decided to drive to a local Bass Pro shop to see what deals they could find. 

Never, at ANY Thanksgiving, has this happened. I don’t EVER remember walking into this home and seeing an empty kitchen. My grandmother was sitting, by herself, on her sofa. She said she asked that they be back by 12pm to help her start cooking.

You know when they got back?


Thanksgiving dinner is always at 2pm at my grandmother’s. It broke my heart that my grandmother only had me and my husband to be with that morning.

But you know what?

I am so very thankful that I got to spend so much quality time with her. My husband and I got to catch up with one of the most wonderful women I know. It was my husband’s first Thanksgiving as well (he is English). He and I have only gotten to spend about 2 hours of quality time with my grandmother before this, so I want to thank my family for being selfish enough to leave my grandmother alone at home to go shopping. I got to spend time with her that I will cherish. Grandmothers won’t be around forever. My grandfather just passed away this May and I didn’t spend enough time with him as I wish I had over the years. I won’t let that happen again.

Love you grandma.


Being that my husband is from England, it sickens me to wake up this morning and hear that ‘Black Friday’ has crossed over to his side of the pond. He pulled up a video on BBC News showing men and women ravenously pushing and shoving each other at an American store over some technology and toys. This horrific ‘holiday’ has now poisoned the UK. One of their stores, Asda, got a taste of what takes place over here in the U.S.A. — Look at this footage…

Arrests? Injuries? Over pieces of plastic??

There are people starving in other countries. There are men, women, and children who barely have roofs over their heads and this is what the human race is interested in – beating each other and trampling over one another for a television? 

“He who dies with the most toys is just as dead as those with none.” – anonymous 

Remember what really counts. Cherish that.

And thank you to all those who had to work this Thanksgiving. Lucky for us all that Thanksgiving doesn’t happen once a year. It happens everyday of our lives.

Love, B.R. Wren


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