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The ‘D’s of December

I apologize in advanced that I was not able to post this on Dec. 1st. I have been side-tracked.

However, I have a proposal to you all.

This December, let’s make a good change for the New Year!

The 5 Ds of December

Deeds In December:
1) Give back—Volunteer or donate to a charity/organization you believe in, and share it with the world (copy links to these charities so we can all learn about them!)
2) Give up— give up one bad habit for two weeks. See if you can continue after those two weeks! Have an accountability partner (be it friend or family) so you can truly succeed.
3) Give way—do something for someone you would’t normally do. Let’s say your spouse always lets you pick the show you both watch during free time. This time, ask them to put what they want on the television. This can go for other things like attending a show or ball game that your friend or loved one invites you to even if you would never do so. Who knows? You might enjoy it!
4) Give praise – write someone a letter and tell them how much they mean to you. This can change someone’s day around.
5) Give birth – (not literally) Be lost in reverie: Create/Invent something new and fresh (i.e cook a new recipe; write your first poem; tell your first story; start an organization; paint a picture; redecorate your home, etc.) and share it with the world! Show those you love your new creation!

Not too hard, huh? I believe in you! 

Let me know how it goes!

Love, B.R. Wren 

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