Bird Scribble

Frozen Re-mix

I was bored again. You know what that means…


I have a little sister (she’s almost 3) and my father asked if I would watch her two nights ago. So, my husband and I went over and put Frozen on for her. Man, those tunes are catchy!

“Pointe Your Toes” – these are my own lyrics. I encourage you to complete your own! (sung to the theme “Let It Go”)

*clears throat*

Pointe your toes, pointe your toes!

Don’t want to shout it anymore

Pointe your toes, pointe your toes!

Let them feel the wooden floor

I just found a hair that’s grey

So obey meeeeee

Those toes always bother me everyday.

It’s funny how some toes can

Make me feel so unsure

Are they just not list’nin’ to me?

There’s got to be a cure!

They’ve gone and pushed me to the brink

To pull my hair out and scream ‘THINK’!

Deals off, I’m done, no more candyyyyy, they’ll seeeeee!

(back to chorus) 

Happy Wednesday!

Make the best out of your day! Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Love, B.R. Wren 


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