Listen Up

2/5 of the Way

How have your Deeds of December been going?

2/5 for me at the moment!

1. Give Back — Although I am an advocate of Invisible Children*, I decided to help out a local Christmas drive at a friend’s church. He placed a board up at our CrossFit Homestead gym where we could pick a boy or girl and get them their requested gift. Most were so humble and simple. I chose a 17 yr. old girl who asked for an outfit.

You can do the same at many local churches and drives during this Christmas season. Check local newspapers and flyers! The opportunity to make a difference this season is endless!

2. Give Praise —  This may seem strange, but I am a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. It was a 7 year long journey with the Sons, of which JUST wrapped this past week. I decided to write Charlie Hunnam (Jax) a letter of praise. In an interview, he said it is tremendously hard leaving the character behind. In a way, I understand what that is like (after living life for 10 months with the SAME 11 people, 24/7, on board a ship). It’s hard to let go and I just wanted to let him know that I am a huge fan and thank him for his time and effort into brining Jax to life.

Need help writing something but the words aren’t flowing? Here is a sample you can work from! 🙂 Let those you love know you appreciate their presence in your life!

Dear ________, I just wanted to let you know how important you are to me. I know I may not show it as much as I should, but I thank you so much for always being their for me and supporting me through tough times. I appreciate how I know I can go to you for anything and that you will always be there for me no matter what. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I couldn’t imagine life without you.

It’s simple and to the point. You have no idea how this can turn someone’s day around!

Keep at your Deeds! Make a difference before the New Year! Set an example for how you want 2015 to begin!

Also, I will begin my ‘Give Up‘ portion tomorrow! I have decided to UP my water intake. My body is always dehydrated and that is no way to treat your body. So I will drink AT LEAST 2 bottles of water a day, plus a glass of water before bed. Let the bathroom trips begin!!!

*Invisible Children is an INCREDIBLE organization! Check them out at

Love, B. R. Wren 

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