Dog House ACSM

I am about to take my ACSM Personal Trainer’s exam in two days. TWO.

I have taken the pre-exam in the booklet I have bought. DEAR HEAVENS…

I can not tell you how enraged I am. Who has taken this exam? Did you not catch the MANY things wrong with this answer key!?!?!

These two are JUST in the Case Study section:


B is the answer (in the key). I thought it was C. So, I went and checked.


It says it RIGHT THERE does it not? Answer B should NOT be an exception! It IS part of the guidelines.

Then, there is this lovely number. I did this problem over and over AND OVER, wondering how I kept getting a different answer. On my calculator, I kept getting the number “24.4”, but the answer key says “16.4”. Check it.


They can’t even add!?!?!?!?! This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to know if other answers are correct and incorrect?!

(I digress)

Love, B. R. Wren

Here you go ACSM people. ALL of the CORRECT answers.

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