Bird Scribble

DIY Rainbow

Although I have not captured all of my projects on film, here are a few…

Cupcake clay figurines I made for special occasions and professions

Cupcake Fireman (painted)

Cupcake Fireman and Nurse (unpainted)

Cupcake Seasons

A hot air balloon I fashioned out of cardboard, clothes pins, paint, and glue.

Hot Air Balloon

I made lightsabers from pool noodles for a bachelor party

Lightsaber Noodles

I made my friend’s daughter a Storm Trooper tshirt

Little Kids Star Wars Shirt

Wooden frame I painted on my first cruise gig

Painted Wooden FrameWooden cube I modge podged pictures onto

Picture Block 2

Richard Harrow Mask On

Richard Harrow Mask! Made it from scratch.
Richard Harrow Mask

Our wedding box for money gifts
Wedding Box

Star Wars shirt I made for Star Wars Weekends at Disney!

Woman Star Wars top

Love, B. R. Wren

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