Bottom of the Barrel – Month 2 TSW

** Disclaimer – these photos are very graphic **

My 2nd month of TSW is coming to a close. Can not believe it has only been 6o days (56 to be exact).

It feels like a lifetime longer. 

On the field, we have four major players (in order of torture): Ooze, dry skin, itch, burn

Let’s start with OOOOOze. To those of you who are just starting out your TSW journey, prepare yourself. You may not have it as badly as I do and/or in the areas that I have it, but you will have some form of it.

20150318_185054 20150318_112722 20150321_051438 20150320_115030

It was pouring so heavily out of my arm one night, it SOAKED through my bandages. Day 53. Craziest ooze day. It was unstoppable. Face, arms, legs, you name it, it was oozing. My pillow will forever be stained from my ooze. I think Crayola needs to come up with a name for it’s color. Maybe… putrid creme’.

Moving on to, dry skin.

20150322_133501 20150322_132540 20150322_100954 20150322_100929 20150322_100750 20150322_100757 20150322_100714 20150321_205705 20150321_181903 20150320_092529 20150320_092635 20150321_051409 20150322_140410

*place your hand on your dropped jaw. You can close your stunned mouth*

I never, in all of my life, thought someone could literally shed like a snake. I could barely move my mouth. My arms were so swollen and so tight that I couldn’t fully extend them. I STILL can’t fully extend them without ripping my skin, but when they were swollen, it was a nightmare. I was astonished at the plastic-like feel of my skin.

The two middle pictures show off my day of FULL FACED DRY SKIN.


So sassy with my flakes. I still can’t believe that was me. And I have no idea if that will happen again! 

I only use Jojoba Oil and Vaseline for moisture. I haven’t been able to wash my hair. I massage Coconut Oil into my scalp. The dead skin is deep past my hairline now.

I am going to try a new shampoo out: let you know how it goes.

My husband is also going to mix me up some organic shea butter with the jojoba oil. Once the grape seed oil and sunflower oil come in, I will mix them in as well.

Finally, Itch and Burnnnnnn

20150322_135445 20150322_110650 20150321_052254

Awe, see me hubby helping me by wrapping my arms. Such a sweetheart.

I have to wrap my arms because: 1) it helps with the itch and 2) the ooze is easier to deal with under damp wrapping. I put zinc on my arms before wrapping them. I also wrap my legs if they are oozing badly as well.

If I itch, the ooze starts. And sometimes bleed. When the skin is tight and I itch, it will definitely bleed.

When the urge to itch comes on, there is no stopping it. When you begin, it’s like a wave that comes over you. You dig deeper and deeper. The more you itch, the warmer it gets. I kid you not, it overwhelms your senses. With everything you have, you pull your nails away. All you want to do is go at that spot again, but you resist. The damage is done. You immediately regret the scratching. Ahhh

It’s a raging cycle. 

And the burn. I don’t seem to have much of it. But when I do, holy pop tart in a toaster! It is usually my arms.

Epsom salt baths. That’s my saving grace. I try and take two a day. Some people take more. I haven’t tried Himalayan Salt, but apparently it’s also very good in the bath.

Also, I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection. Last time it felt bad, I put some warm olive oil in it and placed a cotton ball in the ear. The pain went away. This time, not so lucky.


Through this trying time, I still stay positive. I see way too many people complaining over such petty things. I’m over here fighting to stay healthy, unable to work, unable to work out, unable to stay out in public for more than 2 hours…

This condition helps you see what truly matters in your life. It makes you stronger. 

And don’t forget to thank the people who are there for you, helping you along the way.

They are a gift.

Love, B. R. Wren

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