14 Months TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

Hello all x

I know I usually post every two weeks about my progress but I didn’t feel there was much change in my skin. I am now in the truly limbo area of my withdrawal.

I was a performer before this happened and am now trying to get back into that performer shape, though I do have to push through the still lingering symptoms of this withdrawal.  When will I be healed? Who knows, but I’m not letting it stop me now.

First off, this journey is never easy. Even though I have been high spirited and happy, that doesn’t mean I am not struggling. I still get up with scratchy, elephant skin. I still have those hard, annoying spots that give me trouble. I still have the insatiable itch.

But, with most who go through hell and can see the light at the end of their tunnel, I feel transformed. My life was ripped apart and I’ve been putting the pieces back together in a different formation. I have a new spunk for life, a new outlook on how we should treat one another, treat mother earth, and treat time. Time can be against us, but it is also the one thing that reminds us that life is precious and it should be spent in optimism, not negativity.

Having said that, look around you. Everyone has a struggle. Lift them up. Don’t look down on people. We all need each other for support. For myself, I am fighting for this cause. I am doing what I can to make our voices known.

Here is my latest YouTube video: Red Skin Syndrome (History Lesson)



I have been asked a few times What are you using on your skin? 

1. On my skin, I have been using my own shea butter mixture that I buy from Amazon. It is called “Village Shea Butter, Raw Organic Unrefined 1 lb” LOVE IT. I put it in a pan, turn it to liquid and generously put in lemongrass essential oil.


You can order some lemongrass shea butter and tea tree shea butter from The Home ApothecaryThe Home Apothecary on Etsy

She has the BEST balms. So smooth and creamy. It makes such a difference.

2. Internally, I take a lot of different supplements: Methyl-folate (B12/folate for those of you who do not have the MTHFR gene mutation), Vit D, Vit C, Probiotic, CuraMed, Fish oil, Biotin, and in the mornings, a lypo-spheric Vit C in a gel form (you jut toss it back).

3. Also, I have been exercising in the mornings. Does it sting?  Yes, you bet. Do you get itchy?  Yup, always. However, I think it’s a way for the toxins to sweat out of me. It gets those lymph nodes draining. I still have swollen lymph nodes (feel like I should have named them) but I feel the exercise and movement is helping in the process.

4. Along with exercise, I’ve been eating EXTREMELY well. No sweets or added sugar, no dairy, and no wheat, no caffeine, no alcohol. Literally not cheated in one month. I know Dr. Rapaport says diet isn’t going to help the process, but I am not all too sure about that. Maybe it won’t speed the process up, but it can sure help you along I feel. I had an itch fit when I had some tomato sauce last week so I steer clear of nightshades. Lots of protein (I get slices of rotisserie turkey from the deli and snack on it; egg whites; tune fish).


Despite whatever is bothering me, I find time to enjoy life… and make abs appear again!!


Love, B. R. Wren

5 thoughts on “14 Months TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with your skin. I use essential oils for my eczema condition I have with my skin.


  2. I know you have done your research on RSS, and I was hoping if you can answer my questions. Unfortunately it is impossible to find answers to my questions online.

    Thank you so much for posting your progress! My boyfriend is going to hit his one year mark for TSW. Unfortunately the worst possible thing happened! His mother bought him some over-the-counter medication called Exederm. Two of those three Products checked out the third product contained hydrocortisone 0.1%. He use that cream for about five days and then once I found out that it contained ingredient I made him stop. My question to you is, since he used hydrocortisone 0.1% over-the-counter lotion, will he have to start his withdrawing process all over again?

    He is almost done with his withdrawal and I am scared that because he used the hydrocortisone 0.1% lotion for those five days and that may have cause him to start all over again. We both are going through college and it has been so stressful, I wake up everyday in the morning to get him out of bed by helping detach his dried ooze on the blanket and then help patch him up for shower time and then pick out his clothes, help him apply lotion, help him put his clothes on, make him a healthy lunch, and I never complain to him. I never complain because what he is going through is far worse than me having a bad day. It takes most of my time but I have to do it for him, for us. Topical Steroid Withdrawal is something we are both going together, we’re just experiencing it differently. I just do not want to start over and I know he doesn’t want to have to start over either. Please get back to me when you can, if not then if anyone can let me know.. It would mean a lot.


    1. Hi Daniela, sorry for the response delay! I’m usually very quick but my husband just got back from off the road and we have been traveling around Florida to see family.
      I am SO very sorry to hear of your suffering. It is very much a team effort and you are a tremendous partner, selflessly helping your other half. It can’t be easy. TSW can be so hard on everyone involved.
      As far as his withdrawal, in general, it can last for many years depending on his steroid usage. In your case, with reusing steroids for a week, it may effect his withdrawal. I am not an expert on it, but people that use steroids again tend to have another bad flare like when they first started the withdrawal. It interrupts his body trying to gain back it’s own functioning cortisol levels.
      How has he been feeling lately?


      1. Thank you for your reply!

        He has been okay so far, since he stopped using the over the counter hydrocortisone. I have not seen him get any worse, *crossing fingers*. I was just afraid that his little slip us would cause him to start over but he has been okay. The doctor we have been going to has not prescribed him any steroids, just wet wraps and bleach baths. His right nipple is swollen and enlarged, it bleeds occasionally and it hurts him. I have read articles here and there and some men experienced the same with their own nipple, so t doesn’t worry me that much. His elbows are skin oozing and have that crust around them. His ankles are swollen and oozing. It is much better than the first months though, so much better. Thank you for your time and I hope your journey is almost finished, it is worth it, I just wish doctors could come up with some medication to help this run smoothly and quicker.


      2. You’re very welcome. You can always go and have him swabbed to make sure he doesn’t have an infection. Also, my nipples have had trouble so it’s normal.
        You can also get his blood work done to see where his cortisol levels are at and his CBC to see if he is low in certain vitamin =)


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