16 Months TSW

May 25th! Today marks 16 months for me going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

I am writing to you from England which makes this even more exciting! I will be here for a while visiting my in-laws. Jack and I haven’t been here since June 2014. Much overdo!


Like most Red Skin Warriors, change is not our friend. The traveling, time change, colder climate, and different environment made my skin get a bit upset. I’m still trying to settle it down.


Very, very dry skin and red patches. The itch is a bit aggravating as well, but I’m pretty used to that by now. However, I did have a reaction to something that gave me hives. I’m trying to figure out what it was. May be the water here, or the baby oil I used in the bath.


Lovely hives. I’ve never had them during TSW until now.

I also am still flaking, just not as much as I used to. It’s still enough to make a difference. I’m always having to sweep away dead skin everywhere.


It is what it is.

AND… I was interviewed two weeks ago by a news company based in the UK. The interview made its way into a few different online news sites. Of course, they love to sensationalize, but I was able to edit my original interview to be as honest and truthful as possible.

UK News Interview with Me about TSW

Hoping to have lots of fun pictures for everyone this next month with lots of things going on! TSW can take a lot away from you and can be a pain in the ass, but I’m hoping to make the best of my time here in England!!

Love, B. R. Wren

6 thoughts on “16 Months TSW

  1. Hi Briana. The not being able to travel without flaring thing bums me out too. I still get super dry, flaky, itchy, dandruffy, and some slight redness If I go from San Diego to the suburbs east of Los Angeles to visit my friends and family. 2 hours away and the drop in humidity gives me grief. It’s nothing like the initial withdrawal, but still annoying. It sucks, but at least you know when you get back home your skin will settle down again.

    My hands are the one area left that’s just taking forever to heal. They look similiar to how yours are now in england, only with this incessant foliculitis. I’ve even been doing a second light therapy just for hands, but still struggling. It makes sense because I can now pinpoint the beginning of RSS for me when I started using potent steroids on my hands more and more frequently because of the nature of my job.

    I know if anyone can still enjoy the traveling in spite of the flaring that you can.

    Not sure if you got the help you need, but I do know some web development stuff (html, css, javascript, php, etc…). I’ve barely used wordpress, but I’m willing to try and help if you still need it.


    1. Omg, first off, I had written you a message and never sent it awhile back! Apologies, here it is!!

      Trust me, it’s not always easy to be positive so don’t beat yourself up. This condition robs us of all of the things we love. But you must be a fighter to keep on going through this. Give yourself immense credit! And every morning, list the things you are grateful for in your head and it helps with the process. I always look at what I still have and not what I’ve lost. Being able to hold on to those thoughts helps me keep going x thank you for your lovely message!


    2. Now! Replying to your current message! (and I apologize if that first message wasn’t meant for you. It was sitting in my message board waiting to be sent and I must have dropped out of wifi signal or thought I’d already pressed send!)

      I’m still waiting for a friend to help me, but maybe you can fill me in!
      I’m working with a text widget that allows me to place a picture inside of it. Well, for some reason, of I add three different widgets in a horizontal row, it goes crazy and super sizes my pictures, bleeds the wording underneath the picture to go outside of the picture margin. I want the pictures to be smaller (like a sort of large thumbnail) with the writing beneath it inside the frame (not going too far outside of the picture margin), plus I think the problem with the widgets going crazy is once I place the three in a row, there isn’t enough space for them. If I knew how to make the side margins smaller so I could fit the three in one line, that would be amazing!!

      I hope that all makes sense!


  2. Are you talking about the light blue panes here on your page for margins? I do know that you can adjust borders, padding, and margins with CSS. Margins can be adjusted by pixels or a percentage. I don’t know if you want to directly alter the source of your wordpress, but it’s question of finding the right CSS style sheet for your theme and and editing the class that applies to the particular margin, something like:
    .entry-content {
    color: white; /* text color is white */
    background: blue; /* Content, padding will be blue */
    margin: 12px 12px 12px 12px;
    padding: 12px 0px 12px 12px; /* Note 0px padding right */


    I hope this is at least slightly useful. TBH the thing I hated most about my intro to HTML/CSS class was the formatting, table, and margin stuff. I went straight for javascript, php, and msyql afterwords instead of taking the next level CSS class.


    1. It’s for a new site, not this site. I can see how confusing it can all be with the margins and writing.
      I’ll try your margin script on it later tonight and see how it fairs. I appreciate this. I just want this bloody WordPress to let me have three widgets jn a row like it advertised


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