Hey loves,

So, for awhile, I have been writing for an internet magazine, AD.net (atopic dermatitis.net). They are shorter, less thought-provoking articles, but none the less, writings from me on all things skin related.

I will attach links here to some articles that may interest you.

I also will be starting a new video series, Tea with Bri. I have been in a crushing flare and it took a lot of emotional digging to see that I needed to find some meaning in my journey again. I need to channel my energy into something that may be helpful or productive. If you wish to keep up with them, subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn the notifications on. Youtube: Briana Banos


H. pylori Infection

Thinking Healthy to Being Healthy

Your Eczema Journey, Your Choice

The Beauty of Eczema

Skin of Color

The Skinny of Confidence

The Power of Unveiling Eczema

Navigating the Harder Times

That Dreaded Label – Steroid Phobic

Love, Bri

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Dear Briana,

    I’m so sorry you are going through a crushing flare. Please forgive me if I’m another voice with unsolicited advice. I just want to share my experience with corn related eczema. I remember seeing you post something about corn sensitivity a while ago. My daughter was 2 when her eczema went out of control (it started at 6 weeks old). After some digging I thought she was going through tsw. I kept a very detailed food diary and cut steroids cold turkey at same time. The best and the hardest thing I ever did. Looking back I don’t know why it took 5 months to figure out corn, it is in EVERYTHING. Her skin cleared up, steroid free for 5 years now and eating corn ingredients in moderation again. My 4 year old has a history of severe eczema caused by food allergies (sunflower was the worst offender, his whole face blistered and oozed for days). His skin mostly cleared up when I switched him to special formula. Fast forward… for a very long time I couldn’t figure out his itchy on and off bumpy cluster rashes. For some reason I was dismissive of corn allergy (he tested neg on blood test). Maybe because the rashes didn’t look like his sisters’. I started a very detailed food diary and again corn is the culprit. What a joy to see skin clear up without steroids, not 100% there but sooo close. Just wanted to share, maybe this will contribute a tiny puzzle piece towards your healing. Praying for you, Nataliya


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