Weekend Reveries


I’ve been on medication for 3 days now. Seeing mild improvement. It’s there, but it’s so hard to see how slowly this process is actually going to take.

I’ve had problems with my skin for over two decades. These past three years have been the worst with my adult dermatitis. However, I am doing lots of research and am finding that I may be my own worst enemy. “Get Allergy Tested.” It keeps popping up. Apparently most of my problems arising on my skin could be from a gut problem. I could be allergic to a certain food/foods that are causing this type of reaction. It’s amazing news since I haven’t taken this route yet in my life, but it’s also petrifying if I am allergic to a number of favorite things. In this case, ignorance is not bliss!

I have a Pinterest that accounts for many things that I love in my life, and one of my boards is strickly devout to my skin. It’s called “For the Dermis”. If you are having some problems, check it out! I am finding that Coconut Oil and some essential oils are what is to drench my future with success xx

Have faith! I’ll let you know how my journey continues. Also, another remedy is to exercise. I will have a blog post soon about why it is in every human beings’ best interest to start taking those daily work outs seriously!

Love, B. R. Wren

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