Bird Scribble · TSW

Sing Along Song

I felt another one hit wonder coming on. This is for my TSW friends. 

(and others!)

*sung to the tune of Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Style’
Eyes wide open feel so sleep deprived
Skin tight,
Could end in an itching fit, am I alive?
Fade into view, oh, the mirror casts an image thats seems so abused (so abused)
I should just soak up in a bath cause I,
know how it’ll soothe my skin while I,
Feel my chest pound and pound all night
You got that Red Skin, burn-in’, deep on your thighs
And you’ve got that ooze sweat, all set, right where you lie
And when we all pull through together, we’ll show proof every time
That this syndrome won’t beat us down,
This syndrome won’t beat us down.

A new hit don’t ya think? ha

Much love to those who are suffering. Keep those positive thoughts. 

Visit ITSAN.ORG for support and information.

Love, B. R. Wren

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