Bird Scribble

Play Those Cards

I apologize for being a silent, storming cloud. I’m almost 2.5 months into my TSW  (topical steroid withdrawl). Somehow the hands on my clock rocket through the days. I am lethargic, staring at my TV as it plays episodes of Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Sons of Anarchy. It can feel like 20 mins has gone by, but in reality, it’s 2 hours. This is just another lesson about progress. Progress stands for moving forward. Many people see progress as big strides, brisk positive movements toward their goal. Progress doesn’t always work that way. Progress can be heavy and slow. Those 10 pounds you are trying to lose just won’t come off in 2 weeks! That promotion at your new job is frustrating you since you’ve already given them 1 month of your valuable time. Finishing med school, a broken leg, paying off that credit card debt… you just want it right now!!!


Progress takes time. I’m looking at about 1 year (maybe more) to recover from my Topical Steroid Withdrawl. ONE YEAR. Does that suck? Does that make my skin, anxiety, and need for lifting heavy objects go siracha banana sandwhich!? Yup. But that’s my healing. I can’t force it to go faster. I can give up, but that will get me nowhere. I have to ride it out. So to those 10 pounds: eat clean, exercise (a healthy amount), and it will come off in 1-2 months. To that promotion: keep killing it and giving 100%. You’ll earn it soon enough. And if you’ve been waiting too long, speak up. A closed mouth is never fed. To that med student: stuff that beautiful brain. Soak it with knowledge. I’ve come across too many doctors who don’t understand the nature of medicine, only the dollar value. Be the best doctor and take as much time to soak those roots. To that broken leg: every tiny movement, pain, pressure, and step is progress. Be excited! Literally one step closer each time is a step towards recovery. To those credit card woes: You may feel like you are stuck in a huge hole, but every dollar you shovel in, the hole will get smaller and smaller.


Progress: an inch, a step, or a mighty leap. Dont take it for granted xx

Love, B. R. Wren

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