TSW Days 55-66

Before I leave for two weeks on a work trip (yup, cross your fingers for me!), I wanted to post my progress.

From an oozing standpoint, it’s still been a struggle. However, I now have Sudocrem that I wrap up with for my arms and legs. I’ll put it on my face as well if she’s oozing badly. Not only is it creamier than regular zinc, but it smells of lavender. SOOOO nice for my nostrils!

20150322_163150 20150322_163617

 Yup. That is ooze. Not water. Ooze.

New one on the front… losing my hair. I had a bit of a breakdown about it, but there is nothing I can do. I’ve been taking lots of supplements, but I don’t think they are going to do much about the hair loss.

20150330_100926 20150330_224735 20150329_111117 20150327_184536 20150325_102335

Because there is so much ooze way into my hair line, it gets so crusty and disgusting. I wear a hat, beanie, or big headbands. The sides of my hairline are the worst. I’ve lost to much hair. It’s super thinned out now.

The worst of it is the flaking. It’s unbelievable from the ooze.

20150324_092306 20150325_093100 20150326_105343 20150326_105412 20150326_105421 20150326_112917 20150326_105505 20150326_105459 20150327_071049 20150329_102940 20150329_103000 20150330_100738 20150331_110442 20150331_110513 20150329_103007

 It’s like living in a Winter Wonderland!!! I can’t wait until it’s over!!

There is also the redness. It’s subsiding, which is nice, but I get flares. Sometimes my arms, legs, and my face swell and get super red.

20150330_224707 20150325_104610 20150324_093618-1

Overall, I know I am heading down the right path.

I spoke to my dermatologist on the phone. She never read the article I left her about TSW (it’s been three weeks…), and still said that if someone like me walked into her office, she would prescribe them steroids. THIS is what is wrong with the dermatology world. I offer up a VALID article from another doctor who has done studies on more than 1,500 TSW sufferes, and she couldn’t even read it. And, instead of reading it, she is going to continue on the steroid path because that’s what makes her money. I believe in the dermatology world less and less.




Keep on the fight TSW loves. There is an end. A happy one.
Love, B. R. Wren

3 thoughts on “TSW Days 55-66

  1. Stupid Doctor! My mum is having the same trouble with thyroid problems, offering solutions to the doctors that they wont listen to. She can hardly move!
    I hope it gets better for you soon hun and that people hear your message.
    Lots of love Sophs. Xx


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