Cruise Life — TSW Days (70-83)

I’m Back!!!


I was gone from April 4th till April 18th aboard the Oasis of the Seas. This was not for a vacation, but to work. I was on nighttime rehearsals (from 12am to 8am) helping to install a Royal Caribbean show.

To be honest, I was petrified that my skin would go crazy, that my health would take a plunge, and that I would be treated differently. Surprisingly, none of those things happened. I am so very thankful for this opportunity. It made me push myself.

The first two days, my skin was at its worst.

My chin was hard to hide, but I dealt with it as best I could. My mother put together a huge bag of oils, wraps, a tweezer, snack foods, and bathroom products that saved my life. I ordered Sunflower Oil and Grape seed Oil to her house, which she packed for me. Then, she ordered me this SheaMoisture African soap and shampoo that is amazing. My scalp was unbelievably dry. It is still dry but much more manageable.

During the cruise, I would wrap my arms (and sometimes legs) in sudocrem. Helped with the ooze and flaking. The flakes… wow.


That is shaking my clothes out. Up close.


It looks like sand. It was everywhere!! I prayed for housekeeping to come as much as they could.


This was the average amount in my bed. The process to just get ready for work took about 1.5 hours.

My partner (head fly C5 installer), Stephen, was absolutely wonderful the entire trip. We got off of the ship in St. Maarten and Cozumel together. BEST FOOD in both ports. I ate some fresh calamari in St. Maarten at Honky Tonk, and the most authentic Mexican food in Cozumel (go figure!). The restaurant: La Choza. Seriously, hit it up.

However, being outside in the sun made my legs and arms swell. I couldn’t even take my rings off.


Sucked, but it was worth it.

Here are so more progress pics from the trip.

20150415_093249 20150415_093200-1 20150415_093133 20150412_221710 20150409_204352 20150407_205210 20150409_193728 20150409_193637

Overall, I got better. My chin finally cleared and wasn’t oozing as profusely. I still had many curios onlookers walking through the ship. Guests are the worst, truly. I had one man, point blank, look at my hands in the elevator and say, “What’s wrong with your hands?” Um… none of your F* business, stranger. I should have asked him if he was circumcsed.

Also, I don’t care if people think this is gross, but I keep as much of my dead skin as I can. I keep it in a jar to see just how much skin I have shed once I am fully healed. It’ll be great for research purposes. Check it out. This bag is only 2 weeks worth of skin.


Amazing right!? Also, extremely tiring. Now people can understand why it takes me so long to get ready.

The worst that happened on board are — My eyesight and my hair.

My eyes have good days and they have bad. Sometimes, my vision can be so blurry. It’s like I’m swimming with my eyes open. I have perfect 20/20 vision. I feel like that is being jeopardized with my TSW.

And my hair. Never, in all my life, did I think I would lose my hair. It tears me up. But, after all, it’s just hair. Here is my progression from the beginning to now.


*insert sad face!*

In the grand scheme of things, I am seeing some improvement, however small. I dream of the day when I can wake up and get ready in 10 minutes; the day when I won’t have to wear a headband or hat; the day I can see the world clearly again; the day that my strength will be back.

Until then, I’ll be fighting the good fight!!

Love, B. R. Wren

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