5 Hefty Months

The longer time passes, the more permanent this condition seems to be. It’s crazy to think that almost half of a year has gone by and I am still in this hell, all from using topical steroids that a doctor prescribed me.

They are so dangerous. Topical steroids can destroy your life.


20150615_084611 20150617_090526 20150617_090535 20150617_151634 20150618_085414 20150618_130600 20150618_141747 20150619_090313 20150619_090317 20150619_090516 20150620_075324 20150620_075331 20150620_075404 20150621_100800 20150621_100804 20150623_094041 20150623_094043 20150623_094046 20150623_094052 20150623_221013 20150624_092946 20150625_084247 20150625_230057 20150626_091429

As you can see, there was one day where my chin was so bad it was soaking through paper towels. It hasn’t been that bad in a while, but that’s what I LOVE about T.S.W.– surprises! It does whatever the hell it wants to do, whenever it wants to do it.


20150627_091516 20150627_091546 20150627_091507 20150627_091500 20150626_091516 20150626_091507 20150626_091501 20150625_230052 20150625_230045 20150625_230032 20150625_084314 20150625_084306 20150625_084303 20150624_092503 20150624_092458 20150624_092451 20150624_092447 20150623_221028 20150623_221022 20150623_221006 20150623_221001 20150623_094150 20150623_094142 20150623_094036 20150623_093951 20150620_075259 20150620_075251 20150620_075230 20150619_090430 20150619_090413 20150619_090359 20150619_090347 20150619_090338 20150619_090334 20150615_103204

I am disgustingly dry and itchy. Extremely dry, everyday. Itchy, everyday. I lather myself in my home made shea butter about 10 times a day. Literally. And I’ll STILL be dry! Never ending.


20150626_214443 20150625_085550 20150624_222142 20150620_092149 20150619_130609

Skin, skin, and more skin. Dead skin in my bathtub, daily. I have to wipe it up to take a bath (all over those towels). Swept up skin from my bathroom floor. Dead skin in my shaven hair. I can’t wait till this is over…

Having to deal with dust mites now. They feed off of dead skin, of which I can’t seem to have enough of… so I am constantly going to vacuum every surface 2 to 3 times a week. I’ll Lysol the shit out of the carpet and sofa and bed. So tiring.

However tired I am, I am still going strong. Screw T.S.W. — when I’m done with it, life will be mine for the taking. I’ll be dancing, flying, lifting, riding, boating, hiking, swimming, traveling, you name it.

Love, B. R. Wren

2 thoughts on “5 Hefty Months

  1. First of all love your videos. I’m also going through tsw. It’s pure hell!! Looking at your pics I can feel every one. Every stage. I’ve been going through this for years and only last week after typing in red skin on Google and finding all this information did in realize I’m not crazy but have a real problem. I wish you well and I know I have a tough road ahead with dyson vac by my side!


    1. I’ll be on The Doctors show for TSW, filming this Friday. Not sure what the air date is, but I can let you know. They have helpful tips. I also think you should get a 23-and-Me genetics test done to see if anything going on inside of you is contributing to the condition. I am ordering mine soon since I found out I have the MTHFR gene mutation, of which there are thousands of different ones (which can be seen on the 23-and-me test). There is one that actually says you can not handle steroids! Crazy! I wish you well, hun!


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