WooHoo 6 Months

Unreal! 6 months! I told my husband I wanted to get food and celebrate, but what a strange thing to celebrate?… I don’t really want to celebrate that I’ve been going through hell for 6 months and have no end in sight, but, I do want to celebrate my resolve. I can’t believe I’ve lasted 6 months.

Yet, that’s what hard situations breed. They give people a sense of invincibility, like if I can get through this I can get through anything. You fight through the pain, the exhaustion of your mundane existence of bathing, flaking, itching, wrapping, moisturizing… same thing over and over.

Once I’m over this, you best believe I’m going to have one massive comeback. I will be in the gym again. I will fly again. I will dance my heart out again.


20150727_101401 20150725_103545 20150725_103431 20150725_103220 20150725_103214 20150725_103210 20150725_103205 20150724_084909 20150724_084905 20150724_084834 20150723_082928 20150723_082903 20150721_084652 20150721_084647 20150721_084643 20150720_084214 20150715_104001As you can see, some days weren’t so bad, and then there were days that went the other way. I was very red for a couple of days, but the days before that were not too bad. Just a bunch of ups and downs… and I’ve never really been a fan of roller coasters.


20150727_101923 20150727_101435 20150727_101250 20150727_101221 20150726_232548-2 20150726_232543Looks like a uterus on my right foot.

And a penis on my left.20150726_232532 20150726_232519 20150726_232509 20150726_232504 20150725_103314 20150724_085020 20150724_084944 20150724_084921 20150724_084826 20150724_084819 20150724_084740 20150723_082957 20150721_085102 20150721_085057 20150721_085053 20150721_085049 20150720_084157 20150720_084150 20150720_084139

I slacked on getting pics from my bed and from the bathroom floor. It just gets tedious after a while. However, I will say my shedding is getting a bit better (my jar is almost full, though!) and my tub drains better now that a plumber came in and scooped out a HEAP of hair and dead skin… seriously could have barfed. It was unsightly. My vacuum also has a lovely display of skin inside.

However awful I may feel and seem to be, I am grateful that I am not as bad as I was Month 1 and Month 2. Puffy, irritated eyes were the worst.


Or when my legs looked so patchy and swollen.


Or when my arms took a turn for the worst and were so painful.


Or even when my hair was falling out, and my scalp was completely irritated and caked with dry skin.


It could always be worse… thank you to everyone who have been following my posts. Topical Steroid Withdrawal is a terrible thing to experience. Please share this information so that no others will have to go through this.

Love, B. R. Wren

One thought on “WooHoo 6 Months

  1. Sending you good thoughts. I’ve had eczema since I was a baby, been on steroids regularly for 4 years now. It is definitely hard to stop. Good luck with your journey to kick eczema’s ass!


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