6.5 Months and Moisture Withdrawal

6.5 Months

I feel I have hit a wall. I kept having the same day over and over again as if in a dream. I’d wake up, take my bath and take all the crust and skin off to find that by the end of the day, the crust was back. I am a human scab, thus I think I need to treat myself as such.

That’s where the moisture withdrawal comes into play. I’ve heard of it but never wanted to put my body through its hell. It literally means to keep the skin and crust on and let it do what it wants. If I keep picking the skin and crust away, then I won’t heal.

I started Moisture Withdrawal on my body Wednesday, August 5th, and on my face, Friday, August 7th, 2015. Lord, help me. It’s so uncomfortable, I feel disgusting, and I’ve asked Jack to stay home to take care of me. I told him I felt like the Star Trek people and he immediately said, “Oh, the Phage people.” Ya… no, not the people I was talking about. Look them up. I won’t let him live this down.

And it’s getting hard not being able to go out and do things with people. I’ve turned down an awesome coffee date with my friend and her little, lovely daughter, and I was not able to attend a 2 year old’s birthday party this Saturday since I am basically turning into the Crypt Keeper.

I also have been feeling a bit neglected, but I can’t really fault people on it. I get that my best of friends have lives and other responsibilities. It’s just hard going through this with only hearing from friends every once in a while. I know it’s a lot having to keep checking in and chat with a cripple who usually can’t leave their house, but it’s also hard being that cripple who can’t leave the house. It gets lonely.

However, the phone goes both ways. On my better days, I am going to make more of an effort to see how my friends are doing, especially since I haven’t been myself for over 7 months now.

Here are some pictures before the Moisture Withdrawal…
20150728_134755 20150729_085821 20150729_085818 20150729_085812 20150729_085805 20150729_085858 20150730_085308 20150730_085318 20150730_085325 20150730_085420 20150730_085413 20150730_085355 20150730_085336 20150730_085454 20150730_085801 20150730_085818 20150730_090333 20150730_090729 20150730_090726 20150730_090609 20150730_090457 20150731_071317 20150731_071322 20150731_071330 20150731_071350 20150802_164033 20150802_164028 20150802_164024 20150731_102134 20150802_164037 20150804_084425 20150804_084436 20150804_17181820150807_110240

Zinc face. This is meant to be used on arms and legs but I tried it on my face since I had already started MW on my legs and arms.

20150807_161810 20150807_162622 20150807_162748

Now, here are some pictures of my body going through Moisture Withdrawal.

20150804_085152 20150804_085322 20150804_085329 20150804_085731 20150804_085334 20150804_085331 20150805_091759 20150805_091806 20150805_091837 20150805_091846 20150805_091842 20150805_092337 20150805_092346 20150807_163823 20150805_100923 20150808_095950 20150808_095819 20150808_100011 20150808_100211 20150808_100158 20150808_100154 20150808_100142 20150808_100217 20150808_100300 20150808_100307 20150808_100323 20150808_100731 20150808_100653 20150808_100648 20150808_100646 20150808_100733 20150806_094121 20150806_094130 20150808_100749 20150806_094134 20150806_094139 20150806_094143 20150806_094212 20150806_094307 20150806_141925

My skin jar… which is actually now full. I have to start a new one. This filled quickly once the MW started.

20150806_141823 20150807_162955 20150807_162954 20150807_163823 20150808_161934 20150808_162045 20150808_16204820150808_161925

Sorry if there are any duplicates. I had so many pictures that the uploader kind of went bonkers.

As you can see I am SWIMMING in skin. And the kicker, Jack and I are living in our living room. I’ve been sleeping on the couch with a mattress cover on it (and ruining our couch pillow with my scalp skin) while he’s been sleeping on a futon mat on the living room floor. Our bedroom has lovely bed bugs. HOW?! I have no idea. We had a new mattress and it’s been covered with a protective cover since day one. We clean constantly (because of my skin shedding) so how they got in is a mystery. However, my husband goes into some manky houses (when doing removals) so one could have hitchhiked into the house? It’s been such nightmare.

And I know lots of people just come and look at my pictures on my blog and don’t actually read what I write, but I didn’t create this blog for those who only care to see my gross pictures, but this is for all those TSW sufferers who feel alone and don’t know where to turn. Topical Steroid Withdrawal is overlooked by so many doctors that it’s horrifying.

And to those TSW sufferers who are also on the fence about MW, I’ll let you know how it goes with me. I am probably only going to shower twice a week (and clean the needed bits everyday). I am NOT picking skin off. I have asked other wonderful women going through this what they thought and there were mixed thoughts. However, like I’ve said, if you pick at a scab, it’s not going to heal. I am going to leave my skin alone and when it flakes off, it flakes off. I keep my arms wrapped to keep the itch down (though sometimes I just have to give in a little) and my legs get a beating at night with my nails so I do try my best to keep them wrapped. Not going to lie, my mouth is super tight (funny when I have to eat…), but I am not in immense pain. Uncomfortable and living in a nightmare, yes, but in agony, no. It sucks, but I want to see how long I can do this. My 1 year anniversary (marriage, not TSW) is September 4th. We want to take a vacation to the Georgia Seaquarium. I’m hoping to keep this going til Sept. 1st and see where my body and face are at. Wish me luck!!

Love, B. R. Wren


P.S. You can check out my Youtube videos on my channel Briana Banos. Here is a link to one. I am hopefully going to do another one once this MW is over.

7 thoughts on “6.5 Months and Moisture Withdrawal

  1. Hang in there! We are rooting for you down here. You are never far from our thoughts. I read your blog constantly but don’t comment because I don’t exactly know what to say. You are a strong beautiful woman that is doing all the right things!

    Love ya!
    Evie and AJ


  2. I hope you see the light at the end of this tunnel very soon! Keep going lovely. You are so very brave and my heart goes out to you having to deal with this but you will conquer this I believe that xxxxxx


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