7.5 Months (and my 1 year marriage anniversary)

Yea for 1 year of marriage with my husband!! Crap that I’ve been going through TSW for 7.5 months!! Ha, kind of funny, but not.

For our 1 year, I decided that I didn’t care how I felt, we WERE going to have a nice time in Atlanta, GA. We went to the Aquarium on the 4th and the Zoo on the 5th. We both love animals so it was right up our alley.

The day we went to leave, my face was not having it. But, my rats love me anyway!


I was very oozy on my face, as well as very red. You can’t tell in the pictures but I was not in the best way. Jack wrapped my face at the hotel to see if it would help the next day. It did!


On the 4th, my face wasn’t so angry. Jack and I arrived at the Aquarium, got me a wheelchair, and away we went!! Loved it!


After lunch, the itches and hot flashes for me began. So, instead of going out to dinner, Jack grabbed us some P. F. Changs and we feasted in the hotel. He even wrapped me all up! I have been using Viscopaste on my hands and feet and even my face when needed. Great stuff!!

PhotoGrid_1441329332661 PhotoGrid_1441329804333

Next day, my face was back to being a problem. Poop! My chin was not happy but we forged on anyway. Now, I wasn’t extremely comfortable at the zoo. I had a great time (got another wheelchair and was pushed around) but, there were stares, mostly children. I was eye height to them. Two little boys went out of there way to stare at me. One literally came up from behind me, slowly, and was RIGHT UP in my face, staring peculiarly. His mom quickly grabbed him and apologized. Another boy went out of his way to run up from behind me while I was eating lunch and get a quick peak at me. His father told him that was rude, but the child said “he just wanted to see.” I think he was confused if I was a boy or not. The one that really annoyed me was a girl, most likely 10 or 11, standing next to me with her ice-cream… staring. She knew better. I quickly turned my head to look at her and she turned her head away.

To all TSW sufferers, it’s ok to feel awkward and upset that you are going through this. I try not to be too bothered when people stare. Curiosity isn’t a bad thing. It can be a rude thing at times, but a lot of women in my support group use it as a way to help educate people. I think I may try and do the same. I want to make some small little flyers about what TSW is, and I will hand them out to those who seem curious — euphemism for staring lol. You never know, you may help someone!


After, we hit the hotel once again and relaxed. I decided to take a few body pics to show what my skin was like on vacation.


The next day, we sadly had to leave. My scalp was acting up. SO MUCH ooze on my scalp, it’s crazy!!!!


Yea for trip! Can’t believe where we have come in a year!


Now, back to the past. I stopped MW (Moisture Withdrawal). I couldn’t do it anymore, especially with the trip coming up for us.

To be honest, I am not sure MW did anything to help me. I did it for 3 weeks. Some people say to do it longer. However, I have seen people do well from it, and some not get any better (or maybe even worse). So, do what your body tells you. Listen to it.

This is late August

PhotoGrid_1441159208973 PhotoGrid_1441162077379 PhotoGrid_1441162310885

Here is my horrid scalp. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO thick with ooze.


We also tried a lot of sucodrem and Viscopaste for my face to get back to a normal(ish) state after MW.

PhotoGrid_1441739816027 PhotoGrid_1441739635295

And here is my chin… doing what it wants day to day.


I also put this picture up because it may look great, but its oozing. There are tiny dots all around that the ooze comes from.


And here is a fun one of me yesterday, and then my lip today. Ouch!

PhotoGrid_1441738523372 20150909_103255

These next two weeks are going to be a bit crazy for me. Jack (my husband) leaves for his tour on Monday *tons of sad faces*. He is joining the technical crew for Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream. I will miss him dearly. I will be moving in with my mother so she can help me. Lots of changes! But I look forward to the future, and change isn’t always a bad thing.

Love, B. R. Wren


7 thoughts on “7.5 Months (and my 1 year marriage anniversary)

  1. Sending so much love your way and the gentlest, most caring, of hugs! So moved by your courage to document and share your journey. xo -V


  2. Hi Briana,
    Beautiful wedding photos! Did you two meet on the cruise ship? That’s how I met my husband too! On celebrity cruises. I was a computer teacher and he worked as a musician.
    I’m just wondering how long you used steroids for?
    I also commented on your youtube channel about light therapy.
    I’ve been using nb-uvb light therapy for the past 5 weeks for my eczema.


  3. Love your positivity in your post! My friend suffers from eczema as well, however not as severe of a case as yours but he used DNA ointment. Helped him so much, skin improved drastically and itching subsided. Not sure if it’ll help for you but when he searched it there were so many improvements in people’s skin even babies. If I can find the photos I’ll send it to you!


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