2/3 of a Year! (8 Months TSW)

Hey Guys! Here is my new video!!

Sorry, this post is a bit late. These past few weeks have been a roller coaster.

1) My husband, Jack, has left for tour. He is now an Assistant Carpenter for Disney On Ice’s “Dare To Dream” show. I am so proud of him. I know it was hard, for both of us, to say goodbye to each other. I love him so much and know he is going to kick butt! Thank goodness for Skype!!

2) Soon after his departure, I found someone to sublet our apartment. We decided it would be best for me to move into my mother’s house again. With Jack being away, it meant I would have help and family close. It was sad to see our first apartment be locked up and cleared, but it’s a good step for us. A new chapter for healing.


But, what helped tremendously, was the kindness my mother and I were shown during our move. Jack worked a bit for UF Movers, the best moving company based out of Gainesville. Seven, SEVEN of the guys who work there came over and helped us load up a truck, free of charge, from UF Movers. I was incredibly touched by their generosity.


They are the best!


Now, onto Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Woot! (ha, jk). 

I hit 8 months on September 25th. That is literally 2/3 of a year! Crazy!

PhotoGrid_1442007930866 PhotoGrid_1442105658081 PhotoGrid_1443489771075
This was all Mid September. I had a HUGE flare two days before Jack took off. It was horrific. My entire face was oozing like crazy.

20150913_161526 20150913_161732 20150913_163850

Its gotten better now. My mouth area is the worst part for me. Well, my face, in general, has taken the brunt of this TSW. I used a lot of Protopic on it… yup.

PhotoGrid_1443489997433 PhotoGrid_1443489820531

My arms were also having a hard time for a bit for some reason. And my scalp… it’s just always flaking and has ooze patches that just won’t stop pestering me.


And the vacuum is still sucking up tons of skin. I stopped collecting it after I filled 2 jars. It’s like I go to the beach everyday and track it into the house.


My hands are giving me problems. They, as well as my feet, get super itchy and I just attack them, especially at night. And my left hand is getting these small blisters again (like they used to before TSW). I think I might try some Apple Cider Vinegar on them to dry them out.


I think my biggest thing this month has been stopping birth control.

I have been on birth control for 9 years. Long time, right? And after getting my blood tested, I found out I have a gene mutation (the MTHFR gene). I haven’t seen my doctor yet about it, but I’ve done my research and apparently birth control isn’t good for it.

I stopped, and since then, I feel like my skin has improved on a tiny scale. Well, it did for a bit. I am hoping, in the long run, it helps me get better faster.

But I keep on fighting, and I hope you are, too!!

Love, B. R. Wren

One thought on “2/3 of a Year! (8 Months TSW)

  1. You just have the most precious spirit!!! You give me great comfort and hope to suffer long and heal strong.
    I am 3 months in my withdrawal and have found it nearly impossible to find a practitioner to take me seriously – despite the physical evidence (ME!) and mounting research to suggest otherwise. It can be isolating.
    What I have found is a tremendous amount of support in my friends and family. They constantly ask what they can do and my first request is to share my story. Spread the word. Our loved ones suffer with us and the more we ALL talk the more they will listen.
    Blessings and bandages,


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