8.5 Months and BIG NEWS!

Hey beautifuls!

Here is my newest video coming at you!

So, these past two weeks has been a whirlwind!! I’ve been trying to create more videos for you all, and in the midst of it, The Doctors tv show wants me on as a guest concerning Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It is a momentous time for us!! We are finally going to get some good exposure that will hopefully inform the public about steroid safety!

Also, after speaking to a lovely TSW mother, I found out tons of great information for us. I truly believe that everything that is happening to us is internal. Our body, on the outside, is trying to tell us something is wrong on the inside. There are two test, 23-and-Me and A95 & E95 Panel, that will give you a complete spectrum of your DNA and what is deficient in your body/what you are allergic to in the food world.

Here are the links to these:



It’s imperative to know why your body is acting the way it is. I have a gene mutation, MTHFR, that I know HAS to be playing a part in my withdrawal process.

Here is an analogy: If your tire went flat, and you took it to a mechanic, and they said “Put more air in it” you’d probably not question their expertise. However, your tire goes flat again, and again. They say the same thing, “you need more air” and continue to charge you for it. You finally get down on your hands and knees and see there is a leak. So you ask them, “I found a leak. I think that is what is causing the problem.” They say, “No it can’t be a leak. You just need more air.” You desperately try to show them, even point directly at it and they defensively say, “You don’t have a leak.”… THAT is what it feels like at the moment in a dermatologist’s office when trying to discuss Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

BUT, hopefully being on The Doctor’s will help eradicate a lot of that tension (one can only hope!).

Also, before I dive into myself, I think a detox is imperative as well to our health, in general, especially going through TSW. I am going to do one soon. And make sure it is all natural, no chemicals or synthetics (or else, what’s the point?) Flushing out toxins and helping your gut wash itself out is super important.

Month 8.5

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As you can see, my face is still having trouble with oozing. I’ve been wrapping my chin and my upper lip with Visco paste most nights since, if I want to sleep on my side, my face would melt otherwise. I also attended a friend’s birthday party and it was outside. I wasn’t directly in the sun for most of the time, but it killed my face and neck. Ooze central for about 4 days.

My scalp is also atrocious. I am making sure now to shave it every week, not two weeks, since the skin gets too thick by the end of 2 weeks. So much skin!

And I wanted to show you all my elephant skin. It’s all over, and I feel like I have rolls. It’s very strange.

Sudocrem, Auqauphor, and Visco Paste have been my go to these past 2 weeks. I’ve been surviving on those.

I love you all, I will be the best voice for TSW I can be on national television, and I hope it is a leap in the right direction!!


Love, B. R. Wren

6 thoughts on “8.5 Months and BIG NEWS!

  1. Molly has done a lot of research on the mthfr gene mutation. She might be a good resource for you. Love to you during your travels and always!


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