9 Months TSW

My birthday is in 4 days! Woot! And… 9 months of Topical Steroid Withdrawal for me.

I will be making a video this week about my experience in California getting ready to be on the Doctors, however here are some highlights.

  1. I found out I have MRSA. It’s a very resistant staph infection. Fun. Their doctor swabbed me and told me two days later.
  2. Because I had MRSA, I was not allowed on set. I had to Skype in from my hotel room to speak on the show. I know *tears*
  3. They got me crying right away for my background story, asking me about my hair. My one touchy button.

But, I had some down time. I got to see a few friends, which made me happy. I also got to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Santa Monica.


Here is my progress from before and after I went. 

PhotoGrid_1445086746263 PhotoGrid_1445886024917 PhotoGrid_1445886207639 PhotoGrid_1445886440192 PhotoGrid_1445886649399 PhotoGrid_1445886779965 PhotoGrid_1445887040653 PhotoGrid_1445887145175 PhotoGrid_1445887262897

Taking the medication for the MRSA gave me a stomach ache for the week, but I thankfully don’t work so I was able to rest.

I know I want to go on a detox the day after Thanksgiving. My friend is getting me an all natural detox that lasts for 2 weeks. My kidneys and liver definitely need some help with all medications I’ve been on, and it’s good for you to cleanse your body.

I got a lot of love from my babies, Cringlebelle Fistybuns and Cadbury Pringlebatch.

PhotoGrid_1445475206360 20151024_211106

I can definitely see healing. My face has oozy spots, some days better than others.

Just last night, I went from this…


to this…


My chin, cheeks, and a few bits on my forehead get red and irritated, but the skin is getting stronger! By mid day, they are red again, but it does’ ooze as profusely.

My legs are still red and itchy. That seems to be the norm, though.

Gotta keep going!!

Love, B. R. Wren


4 thoughts on “9 Months TSW

    1. I used to. But I found out I can’t take a multi Vit because of a gene mutation I have SoniSonia seeing my doc tuesday to see what vitamins I need that are B12 and folate free. I am also going to do an herbal detox the day after thanksgiving (since I can’t get it till next week and it’s 2 weeks long and I don’t want to miss out on Thanksgiving)


      1. Oh really? See if your doc has heard of a line called Isotonix. It’s one of the leading nutraceuticals on the market and a lot of doctors stand behind it since its bioavailability is 2nd to IV fluids being injected into your system. Its good that your doing a detox, so it can cleanse your colon and digestive tract


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