TSW 10.5 Months

This recap may be a bit rushed this two weeks. So much going on! I went down south for Thanksgiving to be with my family, then started a cleanse, and now am about to be gone for 2 weeks in Canada to see my husband (who I have not seen in 3 months!).

First, the cleanse. I wanted to see if it would help my skin. Although it’s always nice to do a cleanse, I don’t think it really did anything for my skin. I’m glad I’m all clean now on the inside (woot) but the outside still has a bit to go.

I also saw an integrative medicine doctor last week. She was very kind and did not push steroids on me. She even said the steroids and the Protopic had suppressed my immune system and should not have been given to me for such a long period of time. She wants me to slowly try to get back into exercise (walking for 30 mins at night and some yoga). No sweating since it may aggravate my skin. I can’t believe my resting heart rate was 93. I am extremely de-conditioned now. It’s been almost a year since I’ve worked out, properly. Also, she said to try neem oil in the bath.

I’ve been very itchy lately. I feel like something is triggering it, or perhaps it’s the bleach  baths I am taking. They are great, and I do think they are helping, but man does it make me itchy. But, the neem oil should help in the bath.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m either itchy (And i’ve stopped taking my antihistamine meds and anti anxiety meds to see how my sleep would be), or I am hot. It’s literally still in the 70’s here in Florida. It’s December!! So, at night, my air conditioner for some reason doesn’t kick on even when I set it to 69 degrees. It’s a battle to get back to sleep once I’ve woken up in the middle of the night.

My face and body are still pretty dry, but much better than the earlier months. I have some red patches, especially on the backs of my ankles and on my elbows. I think what is hardest for me is the fact that I HAVE to be 100% better to think about getting a job in dancing again. I can’t just be semi-healed. I can work, but I can’t work doing what I love. See my predicament?

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There you have it. My hands and arms fluctuate a lot, and there is a red spot on my face that comes and goes depending on the irritants of the day.

I can’t wait to be in Canada! Just hoping the cold weather won’t be too mean!!

Love, B. R. Wren

P.S. — There has been a lot of abuse recently towards those of us who chose to go through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Some people like to push their opinions about topical steroids and how they aren’t bad and how we shouldn’t demonize them and that we can taper off of them, so on and so forth.

One, I know plenty of people in my support group who have tried the tapering approach to no avail. Second, I have never stated that steroids are bad. I have stated that prolonged use of steroids is harmful. Third, and this needs to be read and digested, I am going through topical steroid withdrawal because this is how I choose to deal with my health. You have seen, first hand, what prolonged use of steroids can do to people, inside and out. If you wish to continue using them to manage your health and to make your life easier, BY ALL MEANS use them. I don’t judge you, nor do I condemn you. However, I would like the same courtesy. I have been told by multiple people in support of a certain method (that uses topical steroids to help with eczema) that ‘TSW is not real‘ and that ‘there are other options.’  I am tired of repeating myself, and I feel many in my support group feel the same when I say LEAVE US ALONE. We are doing what we feel is best for our health. We do not wish to use steroids any longer. If you feel otherwise, that is your opinion (of which I am tired of hearing, especially when I do not go to you, personally, and shove my method of healing down your throat). I am a public advocate for TSW, plain and simple. If steroid use can be avoided, I recommend that route. Everyone has their own way of healing. I wish everyone love in whichever form they choose. #teamTSW #kickthetoxic

2 thoughts on “TSW 10.5 Months

  1. Briana, You’re healing well 🙂 Keep going girl. I’m now 35 months in, had another flare but looked normal after seeing healing after 14 months for almost 2 years before this last flare (at month 33), but it’s also receding. No regrets either, best choice I made was to stop the steroids. So many weird ‘allergic’ like symptoms oh and the steroids stopped working and my rash came back (even worse) even with upping the potency and changing the kinds given to me (you know how this goes). Anyway, just wanted to also say that Neem has helped me which the itching and inflammation. I found the oil to be really smelly and I couldn’t handle it, so I found an indian store that sells the fresh leaves. I boil 7 to 10 leaves in 3 cups of water until the water turns light green and put this into my bath. It helps manage the symptoms and its a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial. I got a huge batch from Patel Brothers for like $2.00. They have stores in Florida too. Call them and ask before heading over. Hope this helps! Best wishes with your continued recovery. xx Hugs. Natasha


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