12.5 Months TSW

Hey guys, 

So I am feeling SO much better after that ER visit at the end of December. I finished up the antibiotics and started to get some of my energy back.

My skin has it’s trouble spots still, but overall, I’m trying to start stretching and doing (very) light exercising. Slow and steady, especially since I already had a neck and hip problem when I was fit. I don’t want to irritate my neck or hips right off the bat. Need to gain some muscle around those two areas before going full speed.


I also got my skin swabbed to check if I had any bacteria (to appease those who feel I may still have staph on my skin). Happily, my swabs came back with no bacterial growth! Woot! So, just dealing with plain old Topical Steroid Withdrawal.


I will continue to keep on! I am writing and being as productive as my body will allow! Keep fighting!

Love, B. R. Wren

P.S. — HUGE shout out to Stephanie, a.k.a The Home Apothecary. She has a store on ETSY where she sells homemade balms for people going through T.S.W, as well as other skin irritations (acne, psoriasis, eczema). She sent me some of her balms as a gift and I LOVE them. So wonderful! The three she sent: Lemongrass Balm, Tea Tree Balm, and her Zinc mixture (for redness and oozing). This is the link to her store in case you’d like to get  some goodies! She is out of Georgia, USA.


9 thoughts on “12.5 Months TSW

  1. Hello! in my experience any meat cause more flare and problems with skin. May be you need to pay more attention to the food you eat. And also check if there vitamin C(non natural), citric acid in it. May be it will help to go through tsw with less pain and inflammation. Be care


    1. Have you gone through TSW? This process can take 6 months-4 years, sometimes more. I feel I am doing very well for where I am at in my personal process. My energy is up, my skin is slowly but surely clearing as well. For me, sugar is what causes me to itch a lot. I don’t eat a ton of meat, mostly chicken and turkey. Thank you for your suggestions though, I appreciate them.


      1. Yes, i was going throught TSW for 9.5 months and have the most symptoms of it, include streptococci, herpes and other stuff..at least i was unable to stand it up, because of some big infected area on/under the lips for a long time, which caused increased imflammation on other parts of the body, i think. So i used for 2 weeks weak steroids around the lips, after i had the flue and didn’t eat well (only light food) and found out that i have allergy for chicken (i ate it before a lot and thought it was ok). So the last time i don’t eat meat, sweets, white bread, tomatos, vit C, citric acid, salted salmon and see the big difference, i don’t feel that “fire” on my skin, oozing etc anymore. I tried to start eat meat again and flare started too. Yes, there are atopic skin, but i feel more stable and have improvements every day. Also, the AVENE xeracalm a.d. balm 200 ml (on face and neck also) helped a lot. I used avene’s all other products for atopic skin and failed indeed (i also had allergy for some products also), except that one. And sodium benzoate (in bacon or in sausages or creams) make my skin (includes normal parts of skin) oozing and swelling, itching in 10 minutes after eating/using it. So the food and my skin are connected too much.


      2. Well I’m glad you figured some of that out! I really like The Home Apothecary on Etsy. Her Lemongrass balm has helped my skin these past two weeks. Also the Tea Tree balm. Could help your infected areas


      3. ‘The Home Apothecary on Etsy. Her Lemongrass balm has helped my skin these past two weeks. Also the Tea Tree balm”
        – thank you, i shall try them too. Hoping that may be my experience would help you also…


  2. also i found out, that sodium benzoate (in food, creams, medicine sirups and in shampoo/conditioner also!) caused a terrible allergy, so you may be to pay attention to it also


  3. i think, that 12,5 months is a long time for TSW and may be it will be better to try find out other triggers, that there are in you life, which you didn’t find out yet. Hope you feel better


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