The Book Of Distant Love


2 of 6: Luggage


Mine is pastel with a hint of maroon
Yours, a deep blue with a patch of a moon
Most are quite used for a fabulous trip
But mine, like a child, is joined to my hip
It will never get easy to leave you behind
“This isn’t forever” I must bear in mind
I carry a picture of when we first met
Two seniors in college devoured in debt
Another of us with the wind blowing strong
And you in my arms, right where you belong
An impermanent home this luggage must be
A bundle of clothes with our precious house key
We will treasure the day when ‘goodbyes’ are but few
When this suitcase is empty, no more glum deja vu
But for now I must travel these roads in the sky
With your name on my heart, and a twinkle in my eye



Love, B. R. Wren

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