The Book Of Distant Love

Care Package

First poem I want to share is called: Care Package


I can’t wait ‘til you’re home

But since you’re away

I’ve sent you a package

To brighten your day

There’s a teddy named Topher

He’ll be dawning a vest

Red and white with teal buttons

And a heart on his chest

There are bags of sweet candy

Like peppermints and lollies

It’s kind of a lot

You may need a trolley

Yummy Reece’s and truffles

Twizzlers and Twix

An assortment of ring pops

I think there are six

You’ve got Hershey’s big kisses

Milk chocolate and dark

Maybe Cookies and Cream?

And some cherry dipped bark

You’ve got magazines aplenty

Plus a book for safe keeping

A movie that’s funny

(To keep you from weeping)

Crosswords and puzzles

To keep your mind quick

And some varied CD’s

So you wont grow homesick

To keep your health up

I’ve packed basil and tea

With a sprinkle of lemon

And a tub of honey

You’ll be happy to know

I’ve also packed gum

In fact, a few packets

You can chew when you hum

You must be so lucky

To have a partner like me

Though I may have eaten some of your treats…

But I love you baby!


Fun facts

1. My husband is English. No package could be complete without tea!


2. The book, “Jack of all Trades,” is actually a children’s story I wrote back in 2013 for Jack.


Send your loved one a care package!

Love, B. R. Wren

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