The Book Of Distant Love

The Classic Crowded Room

6 of 6: The Classic Crowded Room


I’ll never forget the night I saw you
With music all around
I felt like I was drowning
In a sea of boisterous faces passing through


I was holding a glass of wine in my hand
Staring at the floor
Twisting and torn
Between getting drunk or dancing to the band


Someone was asking me a question
I quickly looked up
And I was struck
By a face with the most marvelous expression


It’s then that the noise was drowned out
Your cheeks perked
And a mild smirk
As you laughed at a joke I wished to know about


Amidst all the people filling the room
I spotted your figure
Which instantly triggered
My heart to race, most urgently exhumed


As I watched you fiddle with your beer
My friends caught on
Watching me fawn
Over a complete stranger standing under a chandelier


And as if to have a stroke of luck
You look over
Full exposure
To those beautiful eyes that leave me star struck


I licked my lips in nervous energy
Not knowing
Mind flowing
That we would end up meant to be


I miss that perfect face while you’re away
Those tender lips
I wish to kiss
The second you come back to stay


Love, B. R. Wren

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