17 Months TSW

Almost a full 1.5 years into this withdrawal. So strange to think how far I have come.

I am still healing but in a much better place. It’s a bit stagnant now, but I’ll take that over a roller coaster.

In my first few months, this was me…

Unreal to look at.

And, to be honest, I could go back to that if TSW wishes it so. But, I am grateful for where I am at and hope that it continues to progress in the right direction.

Here is me now…


In the mornings, I am still quite dry in the face especially. It is up and down with just how dry I am. I’m in England so my husband bought me a humidifier, which seemed to help my skin balance out when I first got here 5 weeks ago.


This is a sucky development. I feel it’s from my bad diet, but I’ve been getting some blisters on my hand. It’s called dyshidrotic eczema. I know sugar and wheat is apparently something that exasperates it. They can be itchy. If you have these, don’t pop them. I do it sometimes and it just makes it worse. They should go away on their own. Some say apple cider vinegar may help, but some don’t. I soak almost everyday in an apple cider vinegar bath. Not sure if it’s helping or not. I will say they are a bit more dried out which I guess makes them less itchy!


What I love though, despite having the itch and dry skin, is my ability to enjoy the outside world and doing stuff with my family.


My mum in law and I baked lots of desserts while watching Disney movies!! She even made us these shirts. We whipped up: Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, Victoria Sponge, and some pecan and chocolate chip cookies (from scratch!). We got to watch Hercules and Beauty and the Beast.


My husband and I did a lot around London, however this was a MASSIVE highlight. I got to touch the REAL door they use in the Sherlock show. Not the crappy tourist one; the ACTUAL door. So ecstatic in this picture (can you tell??)!

And, when I first started TSW, I began losing my hair and ended up shaving it all off. It’s growing back slowly but surely. Check it out!


I have a tiny ponytail!! Gahhhh!!!! (As Leonard from The Big Bang Theory would write…)

Healing is happening. So glad I got to spend so much time with my family here in England. Heading back to America on Friday. I may do a blog just on our stay here in England since we got to do a lot of nice stuff.

And, just so you know, I’ve been using the Egyptian Magic cream from Boots Pharmacy while I’ve been here. LOVE IT!!!

Love, B. R. Wren

4 thoughts on “17 Months TSW

  1. You are looking amazing! So glad you’re healing slowly but surely! Praise God for that. I’m doing ok, rollercoaster ride. I was doing good a week ago and now eczema herpeticum outbreak. WAAAAA! I guess I have to go to the doctor before it gets worse. On my 2nd month I had it around my right eye and didn’t go to the doctor because I thought they will just give me steroids and just put tea tree oil religiously and prayed through it and it went away. Colloidal silver helps a lot too. Just FYI! Hoping you won’t experience this. God bless you and thanks for the new video too.


  2. Thank you so much for your blog. As I am not on FB, the ITSAN forum and your blog are the main places I go for consoling. I am almost 9 months TSW. It has been challenging to take care of my 2 young children and keep my job. Like yours, my husband has been phenomenal. I truly hope for healing soon for the both of us. You’ve been an inspiration and are doing a fantastic job raising awareness.


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