19 Months TSW

Hello all,

Just another update. There isn’t much to tell, skin wise. My hands and elbow area are the most stagnant. My neck, face, and stomach have a few issues that fluctuate. The itch is still present and I had acrylic nails put on to help.

Collage 2016-08-24 15_26_52Collage 2016-08-24 15_29_42Collage 2016-08-24 15_32_22

Today, I am embarking on an experiment. It will be 2 months long and I will video it all. The first video is below. I will also try and keep a stricter diet during that time. I can’t make promises from September 10th-13th since I will be attending the dermatology conference in DC as a patient advocate. They will be feeding us and I will eat whatever they will be serving.

Remember, this is just me trying something out. No guarantee, no right or wrong. We all know TSW takes time. I just want to see if this helps with itching and secondary infection.

My youtube is under my channel Briana Banos, and my Instagram is blackvelvetink.

I have also been embarking on another huge endeavor. I will be writing another blog post on that when I am ready to divulge its details.

So much reading has been done these past two weeks, my eyes want to pop out of their sockets. Lots of medical studies, cases, research, etc. The medical jargon is rampant, but I am doing my best to bring it down to civilian understanding.


I’ve had tons in the works, so sorry if this update is brief. You will be seeing and hearing a lot of me in the months to come!

Love, B. R. Wren

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