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This past weekend, I had the amazing privilege to meet Meghan and Theo Rossi during their Go Get It LIFE event in Staten Island, October 15th

Over a year ago, they featured my story about battling Red Skin Syndrome. I have been following their site since then and am amazed at how many lives they have touched. Their efforts are astounding and their love of encouragement is definitely unmatched.

When I saw a cheap plane ticket to NYC the very same weekend they would be hosting their 5k (which happily coincided with my friend’s Broadway debut in Aladdin!), I jumped at the opportunity. My friend’s Sara and Jorge accompanied me to the event.


Christina, another Go Get It LIFE member, welcomed me with open arms. I had contacted them about me making the journey up to the event. She was happy to introduce me to Meghan, who immediately felt extremely genuine in her care and concern for my story and endeavor to create a change in the world for my cause.


When her husband drew near, she introduced us all. Just like Meghan, Theo was unbelievably friendly and warm. I was ecstatic to meet him, someone I not only admired on screen, but off.

You can tell they are a power couple. I truly hope to be a part of something as spectacular as that one day, both in a relationship sense and a community sense.

And the best part! They will be featuring me again on their site. I want to share my endeavor to raise funds for Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ as much as possible.

Please spread the word, the site, social media, and the t-shirt campaign!

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Also, if you have a story to tell, give Go Get It LIFE a shout. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Make the change you want to see in the world. Believe you can. Protect your passion. Go Get It.

Go Get It LIFE

Love, B. R. Wren

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