21 Months

Hello loves, sorry I am late.

But, it’s my birthday!!! Yea! 28 years of being on this earth.

I have been SUPER busy this month with the launch of my new website. Check her out!

Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ

Until Nov. 5th (ending soon!!) I will be hosting a fundraiser online for t-shirt sales that will be going towards making my documentary about Red Skin Syndrome a reality. If you wish to contribute to my Donation page or to purchase a shirt, both tabs are found on my website menu bar! Take a look around! Also, below is the promotional trailer for my documentary endeavor. It takes a lot of cash to produce a documentary, so any bit counts!

Here is an update at 21 months. 

Skin wise, I am still stagnant. My worst areas are my neck, elbow areas, hands and parts of my face. I still have dry knees and ankles but they aren’t too bothersome like the other areas.

The need to rub and itch is still present, especially when I’m hot. I taught a dance class the other day and I had to try and get some circulating air going since I was starting to sweat and it was aggravating my skin. I feel that’s such a downer for me since I am a performer/fitness lover and not being able to do what I love can be taxing emotionally. But it’s still nice to be surrounded by that world from time to time.

I have traveled this month as well and not had too much of a skin problem. Just a tiny flare in some areas but NOTHING horrific. I went to NYC, which was amazing. Saw some friends, hung out, had nice food, saw my old aerial partner perform in Aladdin, ran (well… lightly jogged/walked lol) a 5K and got to meet Theo Rossi, ate 3 Levain cookies, took a dance class for the first time in 21 months (killed me), strolled through Central Park… great trip.

Then I took an 11.5 hour bus from NYC to Ohio to visit my husband. I thought my skin might act up but it actually wasn’t too bad! I even had my first alcoholic drink since New Years 2015 (almost 22 months)!


Follow me here and on my other site to stay updated. Lots of healing and love, warriors!

Love, B. R. Wren

2 thoughts on “21 Months

  1. Hi Brianna, I am 13 months tsw and only used steroids on face for less than a year during my pregnancy for rash on face. I have redness and crusting on cheeks at what month in tsw did the redness on your face heal and did you remove the dead skin of or left it alone? I only use water to clean my face and no products no moisturizers. Does it take a long time for the redness to fade because infections or that’s just the process? Did you use cleanser on face and if yes what kind?


    1. Hi Cynthia. I know it sucks, but there is no definite time frame for this. I still have areas on my face that flare and haven’t healed yet. I rarely put anything on my face, washing wise. I just use water and sometimes a bit of sheamoisture soap. I am a bad picker and like to pick at the dead skin but honestly you should probably just leave it alone to let it heal. You can always check to see if you have en infection with a swab, but most of the oozing from this (from what i’ve seen) is just red skin syndrome related.


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