Rooftop Reveries


As a spouse, you are always concerned with your partner’s well being. Sometimes, we fall short. I know I fell short at times. Working on a relationship from afar is so difficult, but then add in someone else trying to steer the ship. It’s just a recipe for disaster. I will always wish I could have had more time with my husband when life wasn’t hailing down so hard on us. Perhaps we could have made it through the storm. If only.

But remember, it takes two. It takes the captain and it takes the lighthouse. The captain must persevere through whatever weather and the lighthouse must make sure she is burning bright. Work together. Keep your eyes on the blue skies ahead.

“I was the ligthouse
You were the ship

I’m sorry I couldn’t
guide you safely home.”

entry 2.png

Love, B. R. Wren

One thought on “Lighthouse

  1. The captain went down with the ship…and you will stand stronger and brighter because of it! You continue to be a beacon of hope for others. This rain will stop, the clouds will clear, and blue skies will bless you once again. ❤

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