Rooftop Reveries

Not There

Having a pretty down day with my health condition. It’s the point where if I was called into work, I wouldn’t be able to go.

It’s these times, when you feel like you can’t even look in the mirror or else your chest will explode, is when I miss him most. The going it alone makes it that much harder to face.

“I need you
in this very moment

I feel my sanity slipping, swaying like a swing.

But my mind must constantly remind me
in its droplets of clarity
that you are not here.

Not because you can’t be


but because you chose not to be.”


B. R. Wren

2 thoughts on “Not There

  1. Stay strong sweet girl! I have just started cyclosporine. I am leary of the long list of scary side effects, but even the temporary reprieve has been worth it. Praying for your improvement in body and spirit.

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  2. Dear Briana, you need to be strong… I wish you to go througt all this black days and nights. You are not alone. I often think about you and send you all the best. (I am very regret that my english is not good enougt to say you all my thougts and support you).


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