28 Months

Forgive me, my posts are becoming later and later since my schedule is super swamped with the documentary production starting only ONE WEEK away! If anyone is interested in tracking my while I shoot (or would like to know about it in general) here is the website:


You can also follow me on social media:

Instagram: 1) preventable_doc 2) blackvelvetink 3) spidey_preventable

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This past month has had its ups and downs. My diet was crap, I was eating a ton of sugar, and my sleep was wayyyyy down. Dealing with all the last minute things for the documentary has taken a lot out of me. My skin definitely showed it off.

I had a very red, itchy chest and neck along with a red, flaky face. I couldn’t get it to settle down. My arms started getting bad as well. At first I thought it was staph. I tried home remedies like manuka honey, tea tree oil, and even some medical antibiotic ointment on the bad spots but nothing seemed to help. WELL, I found my old anti-fungal cream and decided to give it a go since I ALWAYS thought I could have a fungal issue.

I have been using the cream 2 times a day for 4 days now and OMG the difference. It is simply an anti fungal cream, no steroids. I’ve also tried my best to lower my sugar intake (probably by 75%). I’m going to do the cream for 7 days and see how I fair after ceasing use.

All in all, I am faring well despite all the stress I’ve been under. I’ve been working a lot at the school I sub at, but I am taking this week off so I have time to get everything I need accomplished. I will get it done!!!

Also, I went to NYC the weekend of the 13th where I got to hear Dr. Li speak! It was awesome and I have a video on my YouTube of the conference.


I did some sight seeing while in NYC as well. AND, my friend’s place has ALEXA…

I went to Atlanta, GA the following weekend to inquire about my India Visa. It has been A NIGHTMARE with them and I hope I can get it in time for my trip. I literally got 3 hours of sleep the night I got back before work. My skin and my head were awful that day. I felt like a complete zombie. BUT, this Saturday was my good friend’s wedding and I got as dolled up as possible. Had a lovely time despite the intense humidity!


Spidey would have made a hot date, but I went stag.

Lots of love to you all. Keep those heads up!

B. R. Wren

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