29 Months TSW

I apologize in advance for the brief update. I am out on Day 20 now shooting the documentary, Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ. I must be clinically insane to have done this, but it has been magical so far, as well as exhausting.

Want to follow along with my documentary journey? Here is how you can —-

Preventable Website
My YouTube Channel
My Instagram

As for my health, it’s taking a small dive due to stress, lack of sleep, and just overall travel and exhaustion. I am a one woman circus and I am learning as I go. I am the cameraman, the light tech, the sound tech, and the interviewer all in one. Plus, lugging all my bags and making sure everything is in place, properly stored, everything is charged, etc can be really taxing. These up and coming long flights are also going to be hard on the body but I am going to hydrate!!

My arms, face, neck, hands, and chest are the killers. I’m very itchy, and my hands were pretty bad these past 5 days. I rubbed them raw due to the heat here in England and they ended up bleeding and sticking to my cotton gloves that night. 😭 No Bueno. But, it’s all for the greater good and cause!

That red spot looks like an infection to me. I am going to have Dr. Lahiri look at it for me on Wednesday in India.

Stay strong, trust the journey ❤️

Love, B. R. Wren

8 thoughts on “29 Months TSW

  1. I am 22 months in and the pix of your hands and around your mouth are just like mine—even on my palms! And, my goodness, the itch : (


  2. Brianna, you are very brave to do this. I’ve got two trips coming up– one from Hong Kong to qingdao in 2 weeks and one from Hong Kong to San Fran in 3 months, and I’m freaking out. Hope you’re doing well

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  3. Briana, really envy your energy and effort in helping others to notice the existence of TSW, please take care of yourself too. You need to get better and give your body enough rest to put this journey of torture to an end. It is great to see the videos but it hurts when I see your skin flare up due to the stress and heavy work load. Please take care.

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  4. Wow, Briana. I can’t even believe that you’re on the road–taking on all of this stress, creating a documentary, etc. etc. etc. and still going through TSW, all the while. The bravery & strength to take on such an enormous task and to put yourself out there, just like you’re doing, is incredibly inspiring. Besides going through TSW (a terrible feat in itself), I know that you’re also dealing with emotional pain & loss. I’m sure that you hear from other TSW sufferers, but I just want to be another voice encouraging you in your journey and THANKING you for working so hard to get the truth out there. Your willingness to accept such a job and to take it upon yourself to stand up for the suffering speaks volumes about the beauty of your heart and spirit. Sending up lots of gratitude for you and wishing you a successful journey ahead.

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