Hip Surgery

Week 5 PAO Surgery (3 Week Recovery)

Hello, hello.

It’s now been 5 weeks since my first arthroscopy surgery and 3 weeks since my PAO surgery.

It’s gotten significantly harder due to my skin condition, topical steroid withdrawal, but that is a whole other beast.

If we are just focusing on the bum leg, here is an update:

  • Moving around, leg pain wise, has gotten better. She gets stiff if I sit too long, so make sure you’re moving your joint.
  • Work wise, it sucks. My poor boyfriend has to lug me around (thankfully he works where I work) and others have to pick up the slack where I can not do certain things.
  • I am still not able to sleep on my side since the pressure hurts, but I do keep a pillow underneath my leg. It feels better that way.
  • I still take Benadryl to help me sleep, but I am trying to not take any pain meds now.
  • My suture is not looking great. I have horrible skin, so they are putting me an antibiotics tonight and asking me to find steri strips to put over it again. Always be checking it!
  • My stomach is still a bit off. I may need to add the stool softener back in. We shall see this next week.
  • My foot still gets very cold. I always thought my mom was exaggerating a bit with how cold it was, but man, she wasn’t playing.
  • Still going to be on the walker/wheelchair for 4 more weeks. Can only put touch down weight on my foot. My leg will be a tooth pick soon.
  • At the doctors (for my labrum), they did some range of motion, and omgggg (cross eyes), I can only go half way down with my legs fanning out in butterfly before it feels absolutely agonizing, and just having him twist my knee slightly in had my gasp in surprise. Not a lot of range of motion happening here. Everything still healing.
  • This may only pertain to me, since I know people can get paperwork from their doctor’s for work purposes, but I called Alfac to see if I could get covered by short term disability (because day 3 of school proved how rough it was to get around and function) but, alas, they said I wouldn’t qualify because it wasn’t an accident.

But let’s cut to the chase… who wants to see the money pics!! Screws and all!

Love, Bri

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