Hip Surgery

Week 7 Arthroscopy and Week 5 PAO

Hey lovelies,

I skipped last week since I was feeling so poorly and didn’t have much else to relay to you all.

It has been seven weeks since my labrum repair surgery and five weeks since my PAO surgery for my hip dysplasia.

As far as recovery, my muscle has been atrophying since I haven’t been able to use it for seven whole weeks. I have only been passively moving it through routine exercise.

I will say my muscle pain has gotten a little worse, but I believe it is from non use. I get muscle tingles and spots that are sore.

I’ve also had to be working during all of this which has been very tiring. I didn’t qualify for short term disability, so I either had to work to keep my salary or use FMLA and not get any money while I took time off.

I have my next post app appointment on Thursday, May 6th, so we shall see what the X-rays show.

My scar looks pretty good, especially when I was worried it was infected. I finished my antibiotics (which turned into a circus for me the day I picked it up — my surgeon’s team gave me an antibiotic that I was allergic to, so I had to email my dermatologist to help.)

While working at school, I have been in a wheelchair, which is so depressing and nerve-racking at times. Everyone just stares at you and you feel helpless. Using the bathroom is a nightmare and of course I was on my period this week. My bathroom is ALL THE WAY on the other side of the school (yeah, really great, I know). Someone has to push me as well since I also need my walker and have trouble opening these heavy doors. One security guard literally PUSHED ME INTO A DOOR as if it would magically open, and then proceeded to knock my legs into two different corners. Some people are really that uneducated. It makes my anxiety rise every time I need help doing something. Will I be working with a competent human being?

My health concerning my leg, however, is in no way trumping how horrible my skin health is at the moment. My TSW has been going downhill for a while now and it has been very difficult. I finally got in touch with two nutritionists (one has the same condition as me) and weighed out my options. I finally chose one to go with (which was tough since I love them both) and I am awaiting my first two tests to come in — one to test my gut health and one to test my micronutrients. If you want to follow my skin journey or want TSW info, you can check out my @preventable_doc instagram.

Let’s just hope things get better over the next month šŸ™šŸ»

Love, Bri

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