33 Months TSW

Another month passed, and not much to report skin wise. I am still stagnant, with my tough areas being — hands, arms, neck, and face. My stomach is acting up, too, but it’s not the most problematic area.

It gets a bit exhausting dealing with my facial area and my hands being so frustrating, but it is what it is. We all deal the best we can!

I’ve also made two new YouTube videos recently — here are the links:

I’ve been having to deal with some hair falling out/flaking due to my issues on my face heading into my hair line. It’s been quite the aggravation, but I’ve been doing my best in taking care of it.

I’ve also been incorporating Vit E oil into my face regimen, right after I shower. I am not sure it’s doing much, but I figured it’s something else I could try.

Work wise, I’ve been substitute teaching again to make ends meet. Sometimes the money is enough, sometimes it’s not, but that’s okay. This is temporary — TSW is temporary. When we are healed, we will be able to get back to the life we were meant to live xo

Hand pics

They have been giving me such grief. Definitely can see the red sleeve still there.

Arm pictures

Some days they are bearable, but others they are just such a pest. And burn still.

Face pictures

Just a fright some days. One day, I legitimately looked like I was on drugs…

Leg picture

Still have some of that elephant skin going


Stomach pictures

Been a bit grumpy this month with chicken skin type of bumps

And then I’ve just got some nicer pictures. One was me with my Mima and little sister for my Mima’s 81st birthday.

And then me being a proud mamma of a growing snake. Remi is getting big.


And then there is me doing a few moves on the rooftop!


And then, my screenshot from my latest video. I just love my penguin dragon!

I love you all. It’s not always the prettiest journey (what am I kidding! It almost never is!), but keep going, keep your head up, and never let that negative voice in your head prevail. We will find our purpose and reason for this suffering. Use your story to inspire others and to spread awareness.


Love, B. R. Wren

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