Month 41 TSW

I am a little late, but for good reason. I have been working very hard on the documentary  and have found little time for other things. I did however get to take one full day off this Sunday (after working 1.5 weeks STRAIGHT, no weekend for me) and I went to Disney World!! It was a blast!

I only have a quick update since I wish to do a mid month post for the detox I have been doing. Fifteen days ago I started the Medical Medium detox. You only consume raw fruits and vegetables. Nothing cooked, no nuts, no seeds, no dressings. It hasn’t been the hugest challenge, but that is only because I have been a hermit. I do still crave certain foods, but they are mostly healthy choice foods that I am just not allowed to eat at the moment (like a POKE BOWL!!!!)

I am not seeing much improvement in my skin, but I had a feeling that would be the case. TSW is so complicated and I feel it has more than just a gut solution. However, I am also trying to bring myself more peace, self-love, and strength this summer when it comes to my thoughts. Eating clean can help you in this process, at least in my opinion. It’s a mindset, a will power. I am trying to put my health above all the negativity I allow to fester in my mind.

I will say my anxiety this past month has not been at it’s best. It had me making some pretty poor decisions. I don’t like that — I don’t like that version of myself.

I also was able to attend a teacher retreat with my school. First time FULL OUT WITH FEELING in a bathing suit. I was super self conscious (I even brought a kimono to wear to cover my arms) but then I said F**K IT! I had a marvelous time out on the beach with them near Fort Myers, Florida. The sun, sand, and surf was just what the doctor ordered.

My skin has been very dry, even in this humidity. I am hoping and praying this journey ends soon. Chronic illness is nothing to be taken lightly. It can weigh so much on the heart.

And here are some fun ones

Keep in keeping on, loves. I am right beside you ❤

Love, B. R. Banos

2 thoughts on “Month 41 TSW

  1. Kind of dissappointed that the same person who made a video correctly called “TSW – Not a Diet Plan” is now following a fad instagram diet. Critical thinking often involves the “5 whys?”.

    Why is my skin bad? – Because there is a problem with the skin immune system
    Why? – Because the skin immune system is driven by problematic T-Cell and B-Cell activity
    Why? – Because cell signaling cytokines tell the T-Cells and B-cells what to do in error
    Why? – Because because the cell signaling cytokines have been corrupted
    Why? – Because corticosteroids induce changes in cytokines and increase rate of bacterial and fungal infection which also induce changes in cytokines


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