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Call To Arms

To all my warriors and skin condition sufferers,

As you may or may not know, I have been working on a documentary endeavor since October 1st regarding Red Skin Syndrome and the need to disseminate the extremely important information about the dangers of chronic steroid use.

Strides have been made, yet it is nowhere near enough. An exponential amount of money needs to be raised in order for the project to start shooting this summer, June 2017.

There are 6-7 countries involved, so air travel, hotel stay, car, gas, and food will need to be covered. Equipment, which ranges from the cameras, storage, lighting, audio, and computers will need to be covered. Fees regarding the business account, taxes, LLC, domain, music and subscriptions need to be covered. A team, itself, including a camera man and editor will need to be covered.

Can you see? All of this takes money. Lots of money.

If you believe in this effort and truly wish to help, PLEASE share this.

I am a one woman circus, running a website, and all social sites, including a YouTube account. I also spend lots of time researching, speaking to doctors, writing emails, and contacting businesses in hopes of securing money. I do not get paid for this. And right now, time is running out. Come May, I will be making little to no money. I have to be able to pay my bills. If there is not enough to make this documentary by the end of May, I will need to secure a job. I am putting the needs of us all in front of my own needs. Once I have a job secured, my time to work on the documentary will be severely cut. But, if there is enough money to fund the documentary by the end of May, I will be able to take the 3 months of summer to get the project shot, even if it means I do not get paid for it.

I do not want to let anyone down. It would break my heart if this could never be a reality. We HAVE to make it a reality. We HAVE to work together.

I urge you to share this with 3 people that you know, personally. I don’t mean on your Facebook. I mean truly share this with 3 people who you feel may be able to contribute or be a sponsor for this project.

I am working under Creative Visions, a 501c3 non-profit, so ANY contributions, be it money or In-Kind or accommodations, will be a tax write off. Here is the link:


And you can share my promotional video in order to show the magnitude of damage this condition has on someone’s life. All of this horror can be prevented. WE can help prevent it. Help me get this documentary off the ground. Help me get it funded.

Also, to take it a step further, I have one more favor. Ellen has a link to her “Dreams Come True” page, where you can write to her and ask for her to make one of your dreams come true. You could write to her, with this link, and say your dream is to see this documentary get funded before the end of May. It would mean the world if everyone took 10 minutes to write in and push this endeavor to the top.



Love, B. R. Wren

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