TSW 37 Months

Sorry for the late post. Been super busy with life! A little too busy sometimes, but trying to be semi normal with a hint of madness — particularly with the documentary.

There is lots to get done, but I think I can finish it by my estimated time frame — mid June!

As for my skin, it’s still doing what it wants. My areas are mostly face, neck, and arms. Since working out, my armpits have been agitated as well. I’ve also been enjoying a bit of alcohol on the weekends so that may play into my skin being a little frustrated.

When it comes to working out, I’m having a blast getting back into it all, just hate how it makes my skin feel. It’s quite paradoxical. It helps with my mental tension since movement brings me sanity, but then it upsets my skin so that can sometimes cause anxiety when I can’t get it to calm down in a timely fashion.


However, I have been doing my best to keep all the junk food out of my life. Been eating pretty well, mostly Paleo, with a cheat day here and there. This past weekend, in particular, I fell off the wagon Saturday. First was a delicious farmer’s market smorgasbord of vendor food, stuffed omelette, egg’s Benedict, and what my friend said was soup with vodka (a sort of twisted, gazpacho-mary). Also, I look like Rudolph since I burnt my nose.

20180224_111555 (1)

Then, Saturday night, I went to a Heat game and had my first bite of pizza in months, PLUS a massive sandwich.


To my surprise as well, I have been around my friend’s cat on more than one occasion these past 2 weeks. I am allergic to cats and I feel like I have only had mild irritation (stuffy nose, a bit itchy) as opposed to watery eyes, itchiness beyond compare and not being able to be around them for more than an hour or so.

I’ve also still been using Elaj emollient, Safe Soda (to drink), Home Apothecary balm (particularly for my arm pit area), and Emuaid every blue moon.

And here is one of my dance classes that I taught! It felt INDESCRIBABLE to be able to do this with the girls. I have missed dancing so much.


These two (below) taken on the same day. One, you can see how red I was; the other you can barely tell anything is wrong.

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Love, B. R. Banos

2 thoughts on “TSW 37 Months

  1. Dear Briana,
    I am 29months in and wanted to ask you about safe soda. I have very mild leftovers from tsw. On my nexk sometimes and my face mostly, but I eat clean and according to my food intolerance test. Mostly vegan , gluten free, nut free. Fruits helped me a lot! Do you think safe soda can make a difference?
    And currently my main problem is that I would love to spread the work in my own country, Hungary, where people have no idea about the effects of steroids and this condition. Sometimes I have the occasion to speak to some moms about their childre who is currently suffering from this, but some of them ignoring me because they dont speak English to read the resources and make their research. Do you have any idea how to start? Translating or website or how can I make it accurate and professional to present it to these people, whom still searching for the solution.
    Thanks for all the work you do!

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    1. Hi, Laura! I mean, you can certaibly try the safe soda! Karyn Pickles in the Facebook TSW groups sells it from Australia.
      And then, to spread awareness, you can awlays translate the ITSAN website so ppl around u get acxurate info =) or make your own youtube videos translating info =)

      Liked by 1 person

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