Week 2 Update (Stem cells)

It has been 2 weeks now since my stem cell infusion into my hip and arm. My hip is still sadly sore. I haven’t been able to rest it a lot in the sense of not moving around a lot since I do teach dance at school, but I have been mindful of not doing any sort of extreme ranges of motion or running/jumping. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t catch myself sitting in my usual awkward positions and remembering that I probably shouldn’t be sitting like that. I am doing my best.

As for my skin, still no improvement. I’m hoping to give it another 2 weeks before I see something significant. Fingers crossed.



Also, if you have not seen my 3 Sneak Peeks of the documentary yet, here they are. . .

Love, B. R. Banos

One thought on “Week 2 Update (Stem cells)

  1. What do you think about Anthony William method? Recently I found at his instagram @medicalmedium a lot of feedbacks from different people with TSW, allergy and other health issues


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