Week 3 (Stem Cells)

This is super late, my apologies, but life has been hectic. I am 3.5 weeks out of having the stem cell infusions at the IMAC center in St. Louis.

I have still not seen any progress in my skin. It’s discouraging, but that’s how it goes. Perhaps that means I could have an internal issue I have no idea about. Need to get myself a physical and bloods to check. But, all in all, I wish I could feel a bit more hope. I spent a lot of money and it hurts to not see (or feel) any progress. I not only feel like it lets me down, but it lets others around me down, too. The exception is so high.

My hip isn’t hurting as much as it was these past 3 weeks. I’m slowly going to get into rehabbing her and giving her some muscle strengthening. Crossing my fingers for her.



I will say, one big step for me was getting into a pool. Now, it wasn’t a chlorine-filled pool (it is salt water), but I haven’t gone swimming in a pool since the day after my wedding (Sept 7, 2014). YEARS. I felt so happy being able to submerge my head under the water and swim without a care. My neck stung a bit after getting out, but a small price to pay.

I’d rather bask in the gratitude than dwell on the set backs. Life is better that way.

Love, B. R. Banos

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