Week 4 + 5 (Stem Cell)

The weeks have been blurred and have been running by so quickly because of work. I am putting both week 4 + 5 together.

My hip does not hurt as much anymore, but I am still careful of how much I am doing to it. I am slowly starting to rehab it into being back to 100%. But as for my skin, I have seen zero improvement, if anything, it has gotten worse. I don’t think stem cell therapy was the way to go for me in particular. I know it has helped a fellow warrior out tremendously, but I simply can not afford to spend another few thousands dollar again to see a “what if” response.

I may try the TCM route soon to see if it can help my cheeks, neck, and arms out. They are the spots that will not heal for me. My neck, especially, causes me a lot of grief.


Love you all. I’m so sorry I don’t have better news to share. I wish I did.

Love, B. R. Banos








3 thoughts on “Week 4 + 5 (Stem Cell)

  1. Briana, I am sorry that the Stem Cell method doesn’t seem to work for you. I am wondering if you’ve heard about negative ion clothing? I met someone today that she has shown me a few people she has known with severe eczema got their eczema very well controlled by using negative ion beddings and wearing negative ion clothing. Most people go worse at the beginning and then around 6 to 7 months things get better or some has their skin cleared. I am looking into that myself cause it is year 3 for me and I am not better either. The clothing is not cheap but as you said you spent a few thousand on stem cell treatment, this one will cost a couple of thousand but will be a good investment cause it is good for our overall health no just fixing the skin problem. Do some research yourself about negative ion clothing. The company I am introduced to is “Nefful” (http://www.neffulusa.com/). The clothing is made in Japan but US has an office. You have to become a member to by online. It is recommended to use the bedding, undershirt, underpants, gloves, socks and the special washing detergent. Since the testimonial comes from someone who knows the person who told me about the clothing. It is more believable and seems promising. I know it is a lot of $$, I am thinking but very tempted to try. Let me know if you want to know more about it. I will get the answers from my friend.

    Also, I started taking 3 Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil about 13 days ago, I started to see my skin less dry starting from day 4, but during those few days, large flakes of skins shed. I am still itchy but some area of the skin is starting to clear and a lot less dry. Then I found out that consuming virgin coconut oil is even better cause it can help to fix the leaky gut. I then adjusted about 2 days ago in taking 2 Tablespoon of olive oil and 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil daily. It helps with my bowel movement for sure. As I said I am still itchy in some areas but I am waiting to see what will happen in a few more weeks since it takes 4 to 6 weeks for skin to regenerate. I am keeping my finger crossed. If you have not tried this yet, maybe it is worth a try.

    I am praying for you. I want you to get well soon as much as I would like that to happen to myself. Don’t lose hope. God is watching over us. He will heal according to His schedule not in mine. In Him, nothing is impossible. The more I read about how others cured their eczema, it all points to whole foods, plant-based diets. Then olive oil is helping me which is mentioned in the Bible countless times. And Frankincense oil is a very good skin healing oil which is also in the Bible. Now, the negative ion is from nature too. I think God wants me to live a life going back to the basic as He had created in the beginning. God is great. Not sure if you believe in Him, I do. God loves you and so do I. I hope we will both find a way out soon. Please take care and know that you are not alone. I am here and am praying for you every day.

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  2. So sad to see it didn’t work in there but hang in there!! I would wait out before Tcm. I was on in a few months and after having another baby I’m back on tsw. Tcm uses licorice root which mimics effects of steroids. It can be extremely costly, time consuming and will be recommended to use long term. You’re on the right track hang in here ! N xo


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