31 Months TSW

Oh my goodness, it’s been a whirlwind of a month!

I got back from the documentary shoot on July 29th. A rest from the summer was EXTREMELY needed. I stayed at my mother’s house for about 5 days (she was away so I had it all to myself). I just rested, watched movies, and tried to not think about everything that needed to get done. My skin was definitely dry and not happy, but after all the nomadic filming, you can understand why.

I then got a week back at home to sort some personal stuff out. I’m still sorting stuff, but trying to balance work/documentary needs/personal needs. And then, I had to head back up to my mother’s since she had surgery and I wanted to be there with her. *she’s good!*

So, even though I was back from all the traveling, I was still doing a lot of it.

Then, to my heart’s pure happiness, I have been working with my old aerial company for this past week. We’ve been at the studios working on a show. I miss performing more than I could ever possibly express, but getting to teach such talented and lovely people still makes my heart flutter. I wish I could post a lot of pictures or video of the process, but sadly, not allowed. But, if you go and cruise on some of the bigger Royal Caribbean ships, you can experience it for yourself!

I should be on a cruise ship right now with the cast and the other directors, but Hurricane Harvey has trumped out plans. I got stuck yesterday at the airport after two of my flights were cancelled. THENNNN, American Airlines decided to hold my luggage hostage for 10 HOURS because of their ass-backwards policy. They literally wanted me to wait until the luggage took a trip over to Houston and then came back before giving it to me. So, my luggage would get a vacay while I was stranded without 80% of my things…. great policy!! We will finally get to be on the ship tomorrow though so we can get back to work!!!!

July 25- Aug 25

So, there has been a lot of shedding on certain days, redness, and itch. The itch prevails!! I’ve been covering my hands and arms as much as possible. TSW is always fun.

Keep those chins up!!!

Love, B. R. Wren

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