38 Months TSW

Hello loves,

So sorry this is a week late. I was on a cruise ship working and didn’t have time to update.

Not much has changed, unfortunately since last month. My worst spots are my arms, neck, and spots on my face. Redness and dryness are my biggest issues. I should be thankful it’s not worse, but of course, it gets a bit exhausting after such a long time.

I will say I was in my happy place though for a week at the Royal Caribbean studios helping to teach a flying show. Sweat still bothers my bad spots so I kept my arms covered.

My face has some pretty dry moments, too.

And my redness is always present.

But I have been trying to carry on despite it all. I am able to do a lot of normal things which makes me happy. Mentally, it still weighs on me a lot, but I think that is normal under these circumstances. Having it be normal though doesn’t mean it’s okay, but it’s good to be aware of how you feel and understand why you feel that way.

I do have fun moments though that I cherish! I definitely try and push past any anxious feelings about my skin and my appearance in order to enjoy outings with friends.

On a crazy note, too, I accidentally stepped on a toothpick one morning and man… did that suck.


Other than that, not much else to relay. Still working on the documentary, and hoping for it to be finished in 11 weeks. There is still so much, but I am going to do my best to stay on target.

Love to you all. I know this journey gets tiring and many can grow weary. I am here in the trenches with you. We can get through. More awareness means more attention, which translates into research. One day, we will never have to see another human being experience this trauma.

Love, B. R. Banos

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