I’ve passed the 300 day mark (310)! Not really exciting in general, but to see how far I’ve come is pretty mind-blowing. It’s been a long journey with some road still ahead, but it feels much easier to track now. Knock on wood I don’t regress.

I am STILL waiting for my MRSA swab results. I am hoping to get a call today about them. I did, however, just finish a 7 day course of anti-fungal meds (the type I actually needed vs. the type my first dermatologist just kind of threw me on all those years ago). It seems to have helped a lot with my itching. It’s now around a 5-6 instead of 8-9. Woot! But, I am on the phone right now (literally, it’s on speaker) waiting to talk to my insurance company since they decided I can’t have a refill of my anti-fungal cream just yet, even though I need it today. GRRRR. Always speed bumps.

I will also try and make my response video to my Doctor’s segment today. No promises since I have a ton to get done since being back from down south (my hometown), but I really do want to have it done by tomorrow. There was a lot that wasn’t said and the things that were said were not the whole truths.

I had been extremely itchy before the anti-fungal meds. One day it was so bad I just popped an antihistamine and knocked out most of the day. Was not a happy camper.

10 Months TSW 

PhotoGrid_1448677096314 PhotoGrid_1448755649867

These were taken on Day 3 of my anti-fungal regimen. That is what my face still looks like today. A little more redness in patches today, but so much better than months before.

PhotoGrid_1448755777924 PhotoGrid_1448755959002 PhotoGrid_1448756063768

So itchy!!!! A lot of these spots have gone down a bit in redness since the anti-funal meds.


Still got flaking going on! It’s definitely not as crazy as before but it’s still not fun to deal with. My vacuum is always filled and/or covered with it. And my little belly button still has to deal with TSW. No mercy!

PhotoGrid_1448756318856 PhotoGrid_1448755841171

Had me some bloody moments. The ear is gross (sorry), but it was a nightmare that day. It just decided to act up. Also, still have the lovely elephant skin. I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon.


This is a weird one. I know you can’t see it well, but there was a week, just one, where my lip kept swelling. At first I panicked because I know about Herpeticum (eczema herpes basically that can come out of nowhere and do serious harm) so I was trying to figure out what to do. But, within an hour, the swelling went away. It kept doing this for a whole week. I also got a shot of my knees, which were horrifically itchy and thick before the anti-fungal meds.


And i’ll end on a happy note! These are my babies that I missed over the Thanksgiving break. It was so nice to spend time with my dad though. Lots of daddy-daughter time. Got him hooked on Boardwalk Empire (score!). He always gives the best advice. Needed some of it this weekend.

I am also on Day 4 of a 14 day cleanse. My system can definitely use a good cleaning. Let’s see if it helps with my skin as well.

Keep going! I know it’s tough, especially with all these other regimens doctors are offering. It’s not an easy road, and I understand when people feel they can’t do it anymore, but I just have to keep in mind that I am doing the best I can for my body. I abused steroids for too long and my body deserves better. Unless I am going into anaphylactic shock, I don’t feel I need steroids ever again. My body will thank me for it. #kickthetoxic

Love, B. R. Wren

3 thoughts on “10 MONTHS TSW

  1. Hello, Briana! May i ask you – what kind of anti-fungal meds did you use (cream or oral), how did you know that there were fungal on the skin? Sorry, i am not good at english, but it seems i didn’t find information about how long did you take steroids (was it cream, oral or injections)? I’m on my 9th month of TSW now. Wish you to go through it and one day forget about this part of life as a nightmare.


    1. Hi Natalia, I used prescribed topical steroids for 3.5 years (on and off) along with an ointment called Protopic (which is an immunosuppressant, which acts like a steroid). Right before I began TSW, I had one injection and two oral steroid packs (the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me so that’s what the gave me, go figure).
      The anti-fungal I was on is called fluconozole. I’m not sure where the fungal infection was so I used a cream (ciclopirox) all over my body for 2 weeks. But, you have to get tested for what kind of fungus you have for the right medication.


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